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    How to Get U.S.A Visa Approved in Nigeria

    Are you interested in going to America soon? Have you been deceived by Visa Agent promising heaven and earth? Or are you a victim of "Relocate your family to U.S.A in 6 months"? Do you know, you have a better chance filling your application yourself? Follow this article and thread for better understanding on how visa approval works. In order to be able to go to the US, getting a visa is one of the requirements that you must comply with. A US visa is a document that shows you're allowed...
  2. The Working Dog Sports

    Sports is an important leisure activity and everyone love to enjoy it. Dogs, as the most real pet, love it too. There are lots of popular sports around the globe, but dog sports has its uniqueness. Lots of debate are going to dog sports, to define it in a proper manner. In short, dog sports are activities. Some experts suggest dog sports are good for dogs to maintain physique and stay healthy. Some concerning issues are: Whether dog sports are for entertainment or testing the dog...
  3. Why are You Getting a Dog?

    Selecting the right breed for your home could be a daunting task atimes. You need to consider some certain things before taking that breed to your home. Remember dogs are like cars, they were designed to suit different roads and climate. To serve a specific function. You need to decide if you want Hummer Jeep or Mercedes Benz. Like I said, most dogs were developed for jobs such as guarding, herding ,hunting,etc. No dog is developed just for the appearance. You need to find out what purpose...
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    THE AFRITALKS SHORT STORY CONTEST. Are you a writer? Then this is for you. Afritalks.com is hosting a short story competition open to all writers and aspiring writers based anywhere in the world. This competition is aimed at supporting and encouraging writers as well as helping to build our reading culture. How to Participate 1. Write a short story under any genre of your choice of not more than 2000 words. 2. Log on to Afritalks.com and sign up for an account if you haven't already done...
  5. Consanguineal Importance to Dog Breeding

    Whether you studied biology/genetics, animal science, or not; if you stick two dogs together to usher into the world a new life, you are an animal/breed conservationist. Begin to act like one! Every day, an influx of imported stocks grace our shores despite the economic downturn. What the breeding circle fail to realize is that they contribute immensely to the economy of their countries whether the government is yet to agree or not, or there's yet to be a statistical data to support this....
  6. In Defense Of Goodluck Jonathan

    IN DEFENSE OF GOODLUCK JONATHAN. By Charles Ogbu. First, let me make one thing very clear here. I did not support GEJ during the last election, not because he was not better than the other bad news from daura but because despite his very good record as a democrat and a gentleman president plus his excellent economic achievements, I still considered him too weak and not competent enough to deserve my vote especially after the insensitive manner he treated the immigration job tragedy. I was...
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    Finally, A Discussion Board Designed ONLY For YOU! Welcome To Afritalks!

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    Would you like to be part of a like-minded community where you could share your thoughts, ask questions, participate into discussions, post some ads, read some articles and enjoy other countless things? It’s time for you to join [URL="http://www.Afritalks.com"]www.Afritalks.com[/URL]! Wait! If you are a business owner, pay close attention! You've done it! You've made your dreams come true! Well, almost ... You've finally started the business of your dreams, selling what you want, and things couldn't be better! Well, except...
  8. Pet Photography Part 1

    The importance of quality pictures can not be over stressed when showcasing our four legged friends. The article will give you basic knowledge on how to improve the quality of you pet showcasing pictures.
  9. Basic Principles of Training Dogs Part 1

    5/5, 1 Review
    In order to be a successful dog trainer, you must have 2-way communication with your dog. It is very important to your success that you understand the process of teaching dogs and also what the outcome will be of the actions you take with the dog. Dog understand quickly what works and what doesn't, in order in order to preserve the species.. It's very clear to the dog what brings reward and fun, or this doesn't work and brings an unpleasant experience. However, trainers must understand...
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    Afritalks Poetry Contest

    AFRITALKS POETRY CONTEST Guildelines Participant must be a registered member of afritalks.com. If you are not, sign up. Participant must be an African Topic: The Other Room Entry Fee: Free Prize: #10,000 Number of Lines: No Restriction Poem must be the original work of the participant, plagiarized poem will not be accepted To post your poem, click literature thread on the homepage, after that, click "Afritalks Poetry Contest" ; then post it there. Poem must have been finally...
  11. 20 Nigerian Juju/Gospel Artists to watch out for in 2017

    In 2016, Juju and Gospel musicians still remain dominant forces in the entertainment industry. We bring you top 20 Juju and Gospel artistes that made the genre relevant by the number of shows they attended, their visibility in the social scene, albums released in 2016 and the promises of 2017.
  12. Grace And You!

    My friend, when God puts a stethoscope on your chest, whose heart beat does he feel? Yours’ or his sons’? David knew this mystery and he coveted it (Psalm 51; 10) and Paul boasted about it ( Gal 2:20).
  13. How to increase your self-productivity

    Stress is a piece of life. Conquering stress is simply the initial move towards getting to be productive. Here are a few tips to help you be self-productive.
  14. Effect of loneliness on dogs

    Dogs, "a mans best friend" we all say, this has been a phrase used so commonly with dogs for decades, This being said so, dogs require alot of attention from their owners or masters, or can you possibly have a best friend and not give him or her attention??. There are alot of adverse effects of not paying attention to our furry little friend, these could be; A dog that is not given enough attention has a high tendency of becoming quite destructive and recalcitrant, A dog left alone...

    We live in a world of diverse differences and diversity. We’re snapped to one another with tinges that drive our emotions and world views. It’s out of these tinctures of behavioural variances that we relate and create our path to life. The word ‘superiority’ or ‘inferiority’ rarely stands balanced on the scale of individual stances. Our thoughts are reflections of what we embrace as a way of life. A little child sees a man driving in a posh car and says to himself, ‘This is the kind of man...
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