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  1. The History and Evolution of Belly Dancing

    From Thousands of Years Ago Until Today!
  2. 5 Best Social Media Practices for High Education

    How Social Media Practices are Influencing Education
  3. Law Enforcement Dogs vs The Dog Sport

    I hear it all the time- “It’s a nice sport dog, but there is no way he could handle the streets”. And honestly there is some validity to it however not all of time. My beginning in this wonderful world of K9 was as a law enforcement K9 handler. We are the best right. We know more than anyone else right? At least that what we had been told by someone else who was already in our little secret world of law enforcement K9 training and handling. I’ve also heard people say that the “sport dog”...

    The return of President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) after a 50day medical vacation in the UK have doused the tension and speculations about his health status. Nonetheless, public comments signals that many thinks he is neither incapacitated nor medically fit. Being mortal, it is not anomalous for PMB to be ill, but the inaudibility of his communication makes many cast doubts on whether communicating with Nigerians is indeed important to the president. The thesauruses depicts inaudible as being...
  5. GEJ Response to The Guardian of U.K.

    My attention has been drawn to a report in the Guardian of the U.K. alleging that the former Nigerian President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan rebuffed efforts by the British military to rescue the kidnapped Chibok Girls sometime in 2014. Nothing could be further from the truth and to prove that this story from the Guardian is untrue, the international community will recall that when a Boko Haram affiliate kidnapped a Briton and an Italian, Chris McManus and Franco Lamolinara, fromManus and Franco...

    President Muhammadu Buhari has paid his dues in Nigeria political settings, twice he has gotten the mantle of leadership to lead the people of Nigeria. First as Military head of state in 1983 and presently he is a democratically elected president of Africa’s most populous black nation ,a record previously held by General Olusegun Obasanjo. In between 1983 and 2015 when he regained power to lead the country, he has served in various capacity among which is serving as the chairman of...
  7. Buhari For Second Term

    The state of Nigerian government under which we are today can be likened to that the Cuban government where Fidel Castro, after having spent about 40 years as the President of Cuba, handed over to his own younger brother, Abel Castro in the guise of administrative continuity. Until his death in 2016, he remained the material president of Cuba while his younger brother reigned in his stead. The present political interchange that we experience in Nigeria today might not be seen as a replica of...
  8. The Nigerian Dream

    Nigeria was supposed to be the giant of Africa and a mediator among another neighbouring country that will by virtue of her buoyancy determine who gets what across another developing country. If you ask me I’d say such a dream is far bigger than economic growth and development
  9. The strength of the youth

    A youth from semantic perspective is the time of life between childhood and maturity. It is the viable and useful period of development or existence of man in his metamorphic rise and fall in strength and will power for change when required
  10. It's #AfriDebate: Have Your Say

    Afritalks.com offers the opportunity to come together to debate critical issues in social system learning and teaching.
  11. Valentine With My Partner Of Heart

    Please post your comments and ratings. They will highly be appreciated.
  12. Buhari Is Not The Problem Of Nigeria, Take It Or Leave It

    A piece by Victor Okechukwu Anyaegbuna WHO ARE THE KLEPTOCRATS? Read this intriguing and provocative piece; yet Nigerians refuse to be provoked instead holding one man, Buhari, responsible for all their woes! How far can you push a Nigerian before he reacts like an angry lion? Isn't it a ridiculous mockery and insult that Nigerians are the only world citizens that when pushed to the wall, spend more energy to break the wall and cross over rather than fight back? Read this and let's know...
  13. 10 Nigerian celebrities who became famous for all the wrong reasons

    In Nigeria entertainment industry, there are artists that have earned fame through hard work, talent and by making smart career decisions. These artists have worked to master their craft and have been rewarded for their skills. These people are icons. They have ensured a steady steam of work as long as they want it because they have the talent and the drive to see any project through to the end. They deserve everything they’ve been blessed with Then, there are some wonna-bes who will stop at...

    Uneasy they say lays the head that wears crown. How can it be for an individual when he is asked to clear the mess of the entire village especially in a place where his forefathers ha really messed up and his far and near relatives are not left out? The scenario above looked like the story of Jim Obazee who was the head of the Technical department of the Nigerian Standard Boards, the predecessor organization of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria, FRCN. He later became the Executive...
  15. Grace And You!

    My friend, when God puts a stethoscope on your chest, whose heart beat does he feel? Yours’ or his sons’? David knew this mystery and he coveted it (Psalm 51; 10) and Paul boasted about it ( Gal 2:20).
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