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  1. 20 Nigerian Juju/Gospel Artists to watch out for in 2017

    In 2016, Juju and Gospel musicians still remain dominant forces in the entertainment industry. We bring you top 20 Juju and Gospel artistes that made the genre relevant by the number of shows they attended, their visibility in the social scene, albums released in 2016 and the promises of 2017.
  2. Mane: The Struggle, The Joy And The Other Thing

    If I tell you I know where that title came from, please, it's a big lie. Please enjoy your reading.... Some 8 months ago, I wanted it, a long hair. So I went to a barber and had the cut that would be the last for sometime. A fragment of thought of when that time will be never came to mind; I just wanted the hair. The desire for a husky mane, to step out with cornrows or twists. In the beginning, it was a bit frustrating. I mean the hair never seemed to be growing. The wish to get the long...

    However, To travel to Canada visa, most visitors need the followings a valid Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), a valid visitor visa, or proper identification such as an international passport. though i will be sharing with you a more detailed application requirement as we proceed, from our recent article, in which i give details on how to Apply for Canadian health card i made reference about a brief history of Canada for you that is a foreigner to know about you can click here to read...

    I sat down and wondered why poetry has not been encouraged in Nigeria and Africa at large. It has been a trending reality that websites in Africa that are not literary centered do not encourage poetry. I shed tears on how artistes are only promoted on social media by websites. But there is this website that stands out among websites, this website decided to break history and make history by promoting poets in Africa even though the website is not literary-centered. It took me a shock when...
  5. Featured

    Afritalks Poetry Contest

    AFRITALKS POETRY CONTEST Guildelines Participant must be a registered member of afritalks.com. If you are not, sign up. Participant must be an African Topic: The Other Room Entry Fee: Free Prize: #10,000 Number of Lines: No Restriction Poem must be the original work of the participant, plagiarized poem will not be accepted To post your poem, click literature thread on the homepage, after that, click "Afritalks Poetry Contest" ; then post it there. Poem must have been finally...
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    Mavro Moundial Movement: A Fair Financial System

    MAVRO MOUNDIAL MOVEMENT(MMM): A FAIR FINANCIAL SYSTEM World governments encourage their citizens to play pool,gambling, casino, lottery and even betting. Why? They knew it will lead to more poverty since the government benefited by way of collecting taxes from the operators of this so called registered companies own by them and their cronies. How much are the elites stealing now? Billions of naira, pounds, dollars, euro, rand etc of citizens taxes. Go to pool & betting shops or stands...
  7. Pet Photography Part 1

    The importance of quality pictures can not be over stressed when showcasing our four legged friends. The article will give you basic knowledge on how to improve the quality of you pet showcasing pictures.
  8. Breed Conformation part two

    During movement, the back is straight and level. The dog will lower its head 40degree during trot to allow to shift the centre of gravity forward, increasing longitudinal stability and reducing the effort the dog has to expend. Low head carriage(below shoulder blades) and curvature of spine normally seen in show dogs(called slope back) flattens the withers and drops the thoracic vertebrae. Making the dog fall of its hand(goosestepping) during movement. This is unattractive inefficient....
  9. The need to write

    When you write you become more powerful.
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    Identifying Drives in Dogs.

    Drive is an innate desire linked to survival and self preservation. Through time and selective breeding we have been able to manipulate these basic survival drives to work towards a task or job. Have it at the back of your mind that these drives are on a continuum, meaning they range in intensity. We have very high,medium, low,and many in between.
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    Finally, A Discussion Board Designed ONLY For YOU! Welcome To Afritalks!

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    Would you like to be part of a like-minded community where you could share your thoughts, ask questions, participate into discussions, post some ads, read some articles and enjoy other countless things? It’s time for you to join [URL="http://www.Afritalks.com"]www.Afritalks.com[/URL]! Wait! If you are a business owner, pay close attention! You've done it! You've made your dreams come true! Well, almost ... You've finally started the business of your dreams, selling what you want, and things couldn't be better! Well, except...
  12. In Defense Of Goodluck Jonathan

    IN DEFENSE OF GOODLUCK JONATHAN. By Charles Ogbu. First, let me make one thing very clear here. I did not support GEJ during the last election, not because he was not better than the other bad news from daura but because despite his very good record as a democrat and a gentleman president plus his excellent economic achievements, I still considered him too weak and not competent enough to deserve my vote especially after the insensitive manner he treated the immigration job tragedy. I was...
  13. Consanguineal Importance to Dog Breeding

    Whether you studied biology/genetics, animal science, or not; if you stick two dogs together to usher into the world a new life, you are an animal/breed conservationist. Begin to act like one! Every day, an influx of imported stocks grace our shores despite the economic downturn. What the breeding circle fail to realize is that they contribute immensely to the economy of their countries whether the government is yet to agree or not, or there's yet to be a statistical data to support this....
  14. Why are You Getting a Dog?

    Selecting the right breed for your home could be a daunting task atimes. You need to consider some certain things before taking that breed to your home. Remember dogs are like cars, they were designed to suit different roads and climate. To serve a specific function. You need to decide if you want Hummer Jeep or Mercedes Benz. Like I said, most dogs were developed for jobs such as guarding, herding ,hunting,etc. No dog is developed just for the appearance. You need to find out what purpose...
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    Face of Afritalks Contest

    Hello Beautiful People, Do you think you are beautiful? Or is there someone you know who is? Is there someone whose photos make you Sleep at night? Or maybe you are that handsome that you think you can emerge as the most handsome out of a number of guys? Well, then, this contest is for you. Here is your chance to be the Face Of Afritalks. So all you have to do is register on [URL="http://www.afritalks.com"]www.afritalks.com[/URL] and signify interest in the contest or nominate someone to participate. Then get verified and...
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