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  1. 10 Nigerian celebrities who became famous for all the wrong reasons

    In Nigeria entertainment industry, there are artists that have earned fame through hard work, talent and by making smart career decisions. These artists have worked to master their craft and have been rewarded for their skills. These people are icons. They have ensured a steady steam of work as long as they want it because they have the talent and the drive to see any project through to the end. They deserve everything they’ve been blessed with Then, there are some wonna-bes who will stop at...
  2. 20 Nigerian Juju/Gospel Artists to watch out for in 2017

    In 2016, Juju and Gospel musicians still remain dominant forces in the entertainment industry. We bring you top 20 Juju and Gospel artistes that made the genre relevant by the number of shows they attended, their visibility in the social scene, albums released in 2016 and the promises of 2017.
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