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  1. how to use storytelling on facebook

    How To Use Storytelling On Facebook Storytelling is one of the things that we enjoyed the most when we were children. It took us to different places, experience different things and learn about things that we have not yet even experienced before. A lot of people today, even adults are hungry for good stories. Stories of hope, success, kindness and doing the impossible are some of the most common topics of the stories that you read on social media. The most well-known social media site...

    The freedom users of social media platforms have gives emotional reactions that often lead to their abuse. Sitting and scrolling through the pages filled with words, images, occasional sounds and videos, one may get enthralled with the wrong intent. The social media presents tremendous opportunities for it users. It provides an avenue to connect, reconnect with old and new friends. It provides opportunity to showcase or exhibit, publicise or advertise, communicate and disseminate...

    With the continuous rise in civilization all over the world, one would think that human beings will put an end to a lot of archaic practices. Regrettably, this is not so. Africa has continued to disappoint in this aspect. Where other continents are looking to raise their economy and foster relationships with other countries, some Africans still uphold wicked and inhumane acts such as jungle justice. A case scenario is the recent brutal murder of Captain Maxwell Mahama, a soldier in Ghana, on...
  4. Child-Raising: The Unacceptable African Model

    There is a relationship between how we raise children in Africa and economic growth. We place unnecessary constraints on children in Africa, especially Nigeria, and raise them in an environment of fear and blind obedience in spite of personal beliefs. Most children are forced to pursue the passions of their parents and not their own, resulting in wasted talent since everyone wants to be a doctor, engineer or lawyer. They are forced to embrace their parents' ideologies instead of developing...
  5. The History and Evolution of Belly Dancing

    From Thousands of Years Ago Until Today!
  6. 5 Best Social Media Practices for High Education

    How Social Media Practices are Influencing Education
  7. The Nigerian Dream

    Nigeria was supposed to be the giant of Africa and a mediator among another neighbouring country that will by virtue of her buoyancy determine who gets what across another developing country. If you ask me I’d say such a dream is far bigger than economic growth and development
  8. The strength of the youth

    A youth from semantic perspective is the time of life between childhood and maturity. It is the viable and useful period of development or existence of man in his metamorphic rise and fall in strength and will power for change when required
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