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Child-Raising: The Unacceptable African Model

By Osas Jacob · Apr 28, 2017 ·
  1. Osas Jacob
    There is a relationship between how we raise children in Africa and economic growth. We place unnecessary constraints on children in Africa, especially Nigeria, and raise them in an environment of fear and blind obedience in spite of personal beliefs. Most children are forced to pursue the passions of their parents and not their own, resulting in wasted talent since everyone wants to be a doctor, engineer or lawyer. They are forced to embrace their parents' ideologies instead of developing their own. What is worse is that they can't speak out as it is considered disobedience or disrespectful to the elderly to question objectively . Children are trained to identify with their tribes, religion and clans rather than their nation, but they expect the nation to work for them.

    We put faith in them and indoctrinate them to believe that every problem is spiritual and must be solved through prayers. In fact, we teach them to demonize something that does not agree with faith. I believe the essence of faith is to give people something to hold on to even when there is nothing. When you look around us, you can't help but wonder if faith has ever really made any positive changes in Africa, as we are still stunned by the same old problems. Our style of faith in Africa is foolishly dependent of seeking the supernatural. It emphasizes that youths and adults can only gain jobs, financial progress, travel visas, health and solutions to life's problems through "miracles" and this seriously undermines their creativity, innovations, research, merit and hard work.

    Here is an example. Have you noticed that if an American child needs school admission, health check-ups, or emergency problems, he or she starts making calls to experts, agencies, researching on the Internet by filling out and submitting forms? Guess whatt his African counterpart will do instead. He/she will go to a mosque or church and fast with the clergy for 40 days and 40 nights. The fake clergies will ultimately blame the problem on an ancient wizard or curses. Who is fooling whom?

    Children should be trained to follow their passion to develop their talents early in life. This is simply because success is achieved through the development of talent and not faith. Faith only reinforces actions. Children who are going to succeed in life are vocal and never suppressed by anyone. They are thought to excel in merit because only those who stand out are noticed. They should continue to research and update information, skills, career and current trends because no one will solve their problems at no cost except themselves. All success comes with a sacrifice. Waiting for God to drop the blessing from heaven is nothing but laziness. Tell them the truth!

    In general, a faith-based economy does not develop because it leads to weak intuitions and lazy citizens who do not have the belief in merit, hard work, and problem solving. It's just a self-exterminator.

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    Osas Jacob
    Osas is a lady of many talents. I am a fun loving medical student by choice and a blogger by accident. I love the power that writing gives me, the ability to make a mark with just words. I also offer freelance services. Feel free to contact me via PM.
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