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Effect of loneliness on dogs

  1. Awolola Anuoluwapo Yemisi
    Dogs, "a mans best friend" we all say, this has been a phrase used so commonly with dogs for decades, This being said so, dogs require alot of attention from their owners or masters, or can you possibly have a best friend and not give him or her attention??.
    There are alot of adverse effects of not paying attention to our furry little friend, these could be;
    A dog that is not given enough attention has a high tendency of becoming quite destructive and recalcitrant, A dog left alone without any show of love and affection will have no other choice than to find ways to make itself happy, this might include the destruction of things close to it, the dog does this purely based on boredom. Ever get angry at your dog for always making untidy the compound when you step out of your house early in the morning?? This would most likely be a cause of loneliness to the dog

    Loneliness on a long term basis reduces the life of a dog, a dog who is always alone will not be too active all the time and therefore will most of the time be found moving lethargically around the compound, a dog is like every human who needs to be active also, seeing people will help sometimes increase your heart beat rate maybe or sometimes reduce your heart beat rate depending on the sort of scenario you are in. It is thereby advisable to start today and find time for your dog if you really care for it and want its days to be long

    Invariably before getting a dog it is quite necessary for you to be sure you can be able to spend atleast an hour a day with your dog, this is the standard rate of time expected to be spent per day with your dog

    Loneliness can also cause excessive aggression, a dog that has been lonely for most of its days wont be well familiarized with being around other people and may tend to either attack or bite based on fear or attack because it feels intruded upon, these are one of the reasons we hear stories of dogs just biting random people on rhe street when the accidentally get a chance to leave the compound.

    So you there, yes you! Why not try to give your dog abit of attention today, even for few minutes, it'll be glad you did because this gives it a feeling of belonging to the family also...Go Go Go NOW!!

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