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  1. Oluomoadebayo

    It is not an unknown phenomenon to some of us who without chasing any degree or masters love to read extensively wide.

    Ethiopia is a very unique country, aside from being the only African country to successfully repel colonization from the fascist Italy under the devil called Mussolinni, Ethiopia is the oldest Christian nation in the world.
    It was an eunuch that brought it to the then Abyssinia Emperor. A reference to this can be found in Act 8:26-40.

    But unlike we that subscribed to the Greco-Roman version of Christianity, which is a very oppressive version of Christianity, Ethiopia stood with her originality and that is why she is surviving in spite of many natural disaster occurring in the land.

    Not only the calendar is different, Ethiopia Bible has 155 Psalms while the ones here have 150 chapters of the Psalms.

    Also unlike mainstream Christianity, Ethiopia refers many other canonical epistles like the book of Enoch, gospel of Mary Magdalena, gospel of Philips etc and their Yehushua Kristos (Yisa) PBUH is a black man not a white man you found on our walls here.

    Gregorian calendar is so wrong and it is affecting our cosmological constellations and structures because it was designed just like mainstream Christianity to expand the territory of the Caucasians.

    You were told that 7days makes a week, 4 weeks makes a month then twelve months makes a year. But the amusing, disgusting and disappointing part is that not even our scholars dare ask the colonial devils that how come we have months with 30 to 31 days? Mathematically, according to the Caucasian demons who destroyed our communities, a standard month should have 28 days which is a product of 7days by 4 weeks. That means we only have one standard month in the Gregorian calendar and that's the month of February... The rest are just fictions.

    Also, in mathematics, there was the adoption of Latin words like alpha, beta, omega etc and numerically an octagonal shape is said to have 8 sides while Nonagon is 9 sided and Decagon is 10 sided.

    But in Gregorian calendar, Oct-8 was used to connote the tenth month October while Nonagon-9 denoted the 11th month and Deca-10 (as in "decade" too) represented the twelfth month.

    Yet nobody asked the most important question WHY? Here is why! Unlike us Afrikans who will gladly disrespect, disregard and discard our Ancestors in the name of our adopted gods, the whites are not like that. They revere their own Ancestors so much they put some of their names in the calendar. Examples of this are the 7th and 8th months named after Roman emperors. July was named after Julius Caesar while August was named after Augustus Caesar.

    They took their ancestral worship to another level by painting God, Jesus, angels and everything good white while they stigmatized black color to represent evil. Even the American presidential villa was named "white house". Yet our people allowed these aberrations to be taught in our schools. Black now became a prefix for evilous ideals; blackmail, blacklist, black sheep, blackjack.

    We were taught that Mary Scissors or what was her name stopped the killing of twins in Nigeria and we accepted such blasphemy?! No wonder we are regressing by the day. Twins that are deities in Yoruba land!? Were the Hausa, Tiv, Idoma, Bachaman, Ebira, Ighala, Edo killing twins? No!

    Remember Mongo Park? The man that discovered river Niger but for who? We or them? River Niger that our beloved Ajagunlá has crossed thousands of years before Mongo Park's grandparents were born!

    Now when you have all these wrong versions of our-story to be taught as his-story to our children in school, what would become of them other than mediocrity and inferiority complex? This explains why we learned people remain educated illiterates.

    The essence of education is to benefit our immediate environment then humanity at large if possible but we have casted away all our values as a race of people, our culture, spirituality, traditions, styles, languages and many more.

    An average Japanese, Chinese or Korean cannot communicate in English yet they possess the brightest engineers in the world now. But here, European standards is what is acceptable. Our corporate dressing have to be suits and tie not ankara or adire; what a shame! Our holy lands is either in Europe, Messopotamia or the Peninsula while our own lands despite being blessed with numerous mineral resources are nothing to us.

    Things are now so messed up we don't have nothing like Nigeria airline or any other rudiments for a progressing nation no more.

    Until we re-traced our steps, see where we made the wrong turn and returned back to our roots. Until we have roots and culture Renaissance, we are doomed forever. Our most esteemed Ancestors said: "odò tí ó bá gbàgbé orísun rẹ̀ yóò gbẹ"....

    Let us ask ourselves, are we not drying up? Are we not fading? Most of us can't even write or speak with high fluency in our languages anymore (I am not an exception).

    Till today, our western trained doctors will still tell you there is nothing called jẹ̀díjẹ̀dí, why? Because there òyìnbó master said so. With our numerous professors and professional doctors in engineering, we still don't have our own codes of practice. It is still either British Standard codes or American Standard codes. Yet India with which we won independence together is so far ahead of our and they aren't disconnected from their roots as we were.

    Pardon me to bother you this much but if we truly want better society we should be able to challenge the status quo of all the facets of our society.

    Guidance and Blessings to you all and blessed belated new year to all Aithopians. Melkam Lidet!

    ©Ras Ashenafi

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