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Grace And You!

My friend, when God puts a stethoscope on your chest, whose heart beat does he feel? Yours’ or his sons’? David knew this mystery and he coveted...
By Seun Joseph · Feb 5, 2017 ·
  1. Seun Joseph
    "Tragedy struck the Storches family in March when, on the last run on the last day of a family skiing vacation at Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado, Taylor tumbled backward and hit a tree. Within a day, doctors delivered the shattering news: Taylor was brain dead.

    The family was left with the hardest decision of whether to pull the plug on her or watch her lifeless as she lay there.

    When doctors asked them whether Taylor’s organs could be donated, the Storches didn’t waste a moment in assenting. “Taylor was a giving, wonderful person and we knew exactly that’s what Taylor would do “She was so giving and that choice was very, very easy.”

    Meanwhile, Patricia Winters was feeling like she was on her last legs. She had dealt with cardiomyopathy for nearly five years, a condition that degenerated to the point that she was sleeping 18 hours a day and virtually unable to attend to her two young sons.

    Through organ donation, Winters was given Taylor Storch’s heart in a transplant surgery performed in Tucson. And though the donation was confidential, circumstances conspired in such a way that within 24 hours, Winters knew whose heart she had. “A friend of [husband Joe] had sent over the article from Colorado stating that a 13-year-old girl had died in a ski accident and a 39-year-old Arizona woman received her heart, so she put two and two together.

    Back in Texas, Tara Storch longed to reconnect with her late daughter, even if only through the beating of her heart. She told Vieira a neighbor “went on the Internet and searched and searched and searched and found an article about someone in Arizona who received a heart transplant.” They contacted an acquaintance of Winters who had made an online comment in an article about Winters, and the two families were on the road to Dallas.

    In September, six months after Taylor’s death, the Storches finally met Winters. The trio formed a circle and hugged wordlessly for nearly a minute. When the men left the room, Tara made a request to Patricia.

    She asked Patricia, ‘Can I just lay my head on your chest and listen?’ Taylor and I were very, very close and I would lie in bed with her and just snuggle with her,”.

    “So she got to lay her head on Patricia’s chest. What was magical was while she was doing that, her heart just had this huge kick. Then Patricia said, ‘Did you hear that?’ And she said, “Yes, I did.’

    “Then it did it again — this huge kick. Tara looked at Patricia and she said, ‘I was praying while you were lying on my chest that Taylor would give you a sign that she was here.’ And she did. I will never forget that. It was truly the gift of Taylor letting me know she was here.”

    As for Winters, she told Vieira that “not a moment” goes by when she doesn’t think of Taylor’s gift to her.

    “If I’m here, and I’m here raising my boys, I’m alive because of her,” (Michael Imbar).

    My friend, when God puts a stethoscope on your chest, whose heart beat does he feel? Yours’ or his sons’? David knew this mystery and he coveted it (Psalm 51; 10) and Paul boasted about it ( Gal 2:20).

    Max Lucado understands better. I'm sure he does when he posted:

    “We are poor, spiritually for sure; monetarily, perhaps. We’ve buried our dreams, desires, and aspirations. Like the mother with Lupus or the businessman in the unemployment line, we’re out of options.

    Yet Christ approached us “while we were yet sinners!” “Will you cover us?” we asked him, and Grace smiled.”

    Not just mercies, mind you, but grace. Grace goes beyond mercy. Mercy gave the prodigal son a second chance. Grace threw him a party. Mercy prompted the Samaritan to bandage the wounds of the victim. Grace prompted him to leave his credit card as payment for the victim’s care. Mercy forgave the thief on the cross. Grace escorted him into paradise.

    Mercy pardons us. Grace woos and weds us. Grace does this. God does this. Grace is God walking into your world with a sparkle in his eye and an offer that’s hard to resist!

    Thank God our Shiloh Expectation is in His Waves of Exceeding Grace..and that what I've got..S(aved) W(ith) A(mazing) G(race)

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    About Author

    Seun Joseph

    Joseph is a resolute and articulate crusader for change who has impacted the lives of many youths today. He graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago Iwoye in Political Science and a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI). He is also the Director of Impressive media.
    He is currently the Online Editor of Nigeria's oldest soft sell City People Magazine.
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