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By Ojo Oyeyemi · Aug 5, 2017 ·
  1. Ojo Oyeyemi
    The freedom users of social media platforms have gives emotional reactions that often lead to their abuse. Sitting and scrolling through the pages filled with words, images, occasional sounds and videos, one may get enthralled with the wrong intent.

    The social media presents tremendous opportunities for it users. It provides an avenue to connect, reconnect with old and new friends. It provides opportunity to showcase or exhibit, publicise or advertise, communicate and disseminate information spending little or nothing. In today’s world, anyone cutting himself or herself from this medium tends to lose immeasurable opportunities. Friends and associates, filial and family relations, known or unknown figures, all form the social media community. An establishment without social media presence obviously exists in the past. People are becoming extremely media savvy. How then do we draw the line with all these bells and whistles?

    Most often than not, we feed our ego beyond reasons. It’s good to appear presentable, but we shouldn’t overdo this. If we share our entire privacy in the ‘global public glare’ because of the unlimited access to the Internet, we may attract some opposing inducements. We, however, need self-control and proper grip of our ego. We should share things that are vital, not a display of exaggerated self-importance or delusions. Though, people address you the way you’re dressed, it’s important to take a conscious step.

    It appears most users don’t see these platforms as business avenues. The time we spent on frivolous things can be diverted to gainful and beneficial ventures. There’re several ways of achieving a profitable social media use. For instance, Facebook provides remarkable possibility to showcase any noble individual and group interests. Skills are sharpened through these channels. With continuously developing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Behance, Pinterest and so on, the sky is just the beginning.

    It’s been revealed that people get better when they write consciously and correctly using the right words and approaches on the social media. Most people find reading books boring but love to engage friends on discussions on the social media. Exhibiting appropriate metal attitude while on the Internet helps and promotes self-discovery.

    Watching the nuances and idiosyncrasies of people on the social media, I discovered most users underestimate the values and benefits of these platforms. Most people are rather driven by emotions than gainful purpose. We shouldn’t lose our heads in the crowd. It’s time we tapped from the magnitude of opportunities we have at our finger tips. We should, nevertheless, stay vigilant!

    Ojo Oyeyemi J. (2017)

    Picture Credit: Home - Mobile Marketing Watch

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    About Author

    Ojo Oyeyemi
    Ojo Oyeyemi is a graduate of Creative Arts with outstanding academic pedigree from University of Lagos. He also holds a Master degree in Visual Art, University of Ibadan. He is a go-getter and passionate teacher who is result driven. He cares for the progress and sustenance of human race.
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