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By Ojo Oyeyemi · Aug 3, 2017 ·
  1. Ojo Oyeyemi
    We live in a world of diverse differences and diversity. We’re snapped to one another with tinges that drive our emotions and world views. It’s out of these tinctures of behavioural variances that we relate and create our path to life. The word ‘superiority’ or ‘inferiority’ rarely stands balanced on the scale of individual stances. Our thoughts are reflections of what we embrace as a way of life. A little child sees a man driving in a posh car and says to himself, ‘This is the kind of man I want to become’. He may never have thought deeper to find out how the so called man gets his wealth. In today’s world, all that glitters seems to be gold to everyone. Failure is an orphan, success is everyone’s child, either hook or crook. Only few people believe in hard work and diligence. It’s a world of the showy and puffy regardless of integrity.

    I saw a young man years ago accuse a younger guy of living a fake-life. He must have thought it was out of place and unsociable. Years later, this young man slipped his heart out, drooling with a passionate filial relationship for a man who has just won a championship. On a clear note, good and elegant things appeal to everyone. This is a prominent reason why some people risk their lives sailing across the ocean after seeing the beautiful pictures of Europe.
    Everyone is a connoisseur of affluence. In the cities, everything is beautiful, pain or pleasure. The world is driving us to a verge of social frenzies.

    A young man who is ripe and unmarried gets social banter in our climes. He is either perceived irresponsible or promiscuous. Setting up a family is a beautiful thing everyone should pursue; but a man or woman needs a family with a befitting home with vital and proper aspirations for their kids. The emptiness of life revolves around our frivolous pursuits of futility. A man needs to have central objectives that will drive his pattern of living. Nevertheless, life’s challenges often determine a man’s way of self-consciousness. In hardship or comfort, life’s realities evolve in their true nature.

    We can barely scratch the surface. From the parents to their children, the students to the teachers, employees to employers, the sales persons to the business owners, the clients to the service providers, people hold a perception that affects their dealings with others. It’s in the web of these interactions that our core values ebb into social degradation. If only we can learn to do things right, we cannot leave the cycle of perplexity. We cannot outgrow wrong and negative attitudes ingrained in our system. Above all, in whatever we do, whatever our calling is, we should imprint EXCELLENCE as our watchword!

    Ojo Oyeyemi J. (2017)

    Picture Credit:Everyday Feminism - Intersectional Feminism For Your Everyday Life

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    About Author

    Ojo Oyeyemi
    Ojo Oyeyemi is a graduate of Creative Arts with outstanding academic pedigree from University of Lagos. He also holds a Master degree in Visual Art, University of Ibadan. He is a go-getter and passionate teacher who is result driven. He cares for the progress and sustenance of human race.
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