2016 Toyota Noah

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  • Toyota motor company is known all over the world as the leading car manufacturer in regard to number of cars sold in the global market. This is majorly because most of the cars they manufacture are cheap to buy and also to maintain. The vehicles under this brand name are also reliable and fuel efficient. The 2016 Toyota Noah which is little known in the US market is just one of the latest affordable versions of the Japanese Giant.

    The 2016 Toyota Noah

    This MPV is capable of carrying eight passengers, and the car is exclusively made for the Asian market. It was first produced in 2001and has undergone two make overs, the first was done in 2007, the current 3rd generation makeover which is now the 2016 version started way back in 2014 when Toyota Noah received a number of interesting lifts.

    Exterior and Interior Designs

    The 2016 Noah is 4.69m in length, 1.69m in length and stands at 1.82m tall. The wheelbase of this vehicle is 2.85m long. The boxy shape of the minivan enables maximum use of the space the car has. The exterior could get a number of additional colors that a buyer can choose from. Exit and entry in to the 2016 Noah has been made easy thanks to the manufacturer lowering the floor. The car comes with 16-inch alloy wheels, smart start as well as automatic LED headlights and a rear spoiler. It also comes with aero kit and twin moon roofs.

    The interior of the 2016 Noah will get a little bit of changes mostly in terms of equipment and maybe a new interior trim. Depending on countries Noah is available in either two or three trims. They include G, V and V Limited and all the three trims are highly equipped. Features that are in the 2016 Noah include 4.2-inch color TFT display, tilt and telescope steering wheel, rear A/C, 6.1-inch touchscreen with audio system connected to 6 speakers and 6 CDs as well as Air Purifier.


    Noah is run by a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder petrol unit engine capable of delivering 150 horsepower and 142 pounds of torque.

    The hybrid system of the Noah is based on 1.8-liter able to generate 98 horsepower of force and able to produce 105 lb-ft of torque. The engine of this hybrid is paired with electrical motors and for great performance as well as great fuel economy rates the car is fitted with a battery pack.

    In addition the regular and hybrid Noah come fitted with CVT and are both either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

    Fuel economy

    On average the regular one goes for about 16 km per liter of fuel while the hybrid does around 23.8 km per liter.


    The 2016 Noah is a total upgrade to its predecessor in terms of its shape. The front of this vehicle has a beautiful new look especially with the lowered bumper. The Noah sign on the front also makes the car look, touch unique from other MPVs in the market.

    Release Date and Prices

    It is expected that the car will start selling in early 2016 and the pricing will be somehow similar to the current Noah. With that the car will start selling at around $30,000.


    The 2016 Toyota Noah will give its buyers variety in terms of hybrid and regular version, the car like most cars under the Toyota brand will offer customers great fuel economy. With the 2016 Toyota Noah having a hybrid version, it is highly likely that customers who are keen on environmental conservation will go for this MPV.

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