2018 Toyota Land Cruiser

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  • Toyota is probably the biggest car manufacture in the global market today in regard to the number of the cars they produce and sell. As early reports are going, the incoming 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser will provide the market with a high-end sport utility car. The car will be purposeful as the manufacturer will concentrate mainly on the car’s off-road capabilities placing it on a class of its own. The car also offers potential buyers luxury, so you’ll understand why the car is on its own class when it comes to sports utility vehicles. According to the word out, the car will get a number of modifications since the 2007 update.

    Interior and Exterior Design

    When you are looking for the definition of a sports utility vehicle, you need look no further than the Toyota Land Cruiser. The 2018 version will most definitely continue with the tradition. This car will continue with the box like exterior of its predecessor. The rear end is going to get vertical roof pillars which will not slow down rear visibility in any way. The large tailgate can allow the driver to carry and unload with ease just about anything they see fit. The sports utility car which is bountiful offers angular and chrome detail all around the outside of the SUV

    Like many have anticipated, the interior of the car will offer customers just about everything they had expected. The spacing inside the car will be ample combined with luxury level equipment giving potential buyers a convenient highly functional cabin. The seats will be draped in leather, for standard they will be ventilated and heated door seats. The cabin will have a big dash coupled with instrument cell. Also fitted is a massive 8-inch touch screen for management purposes, the impressive screen is both convenient and enhanced. Some of the modern day technologies fitted in the interior of this car includes a rear chair DVD system which comes with a nine-inch screen, 14 JBL speakers and HD direction-finding as well as an automatic four zone climate control.

    Safety devices fitted in this car include, parking sensors, rearview camera, a pre-collision technique and about 10 airbags.


    There are a few types of engines for the 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser, the first option, which is confirmed is said to be a 5.7 liter V-8 that is able to produce 381 horsepower and 401 pounds of torque. The power option is coupled to an automatic six speed gearbox.

    Fuel Economy

    The SUV is rated to do an impressive 13 miles per gallon in the city and 18 mpg on the highway.

    Release Date and Price

    At this point the release date of the car is not yet confirmed, although most experts as well as insiders in the industry expect the car to hit the market by end of year 2017. The base price of the car is expected to be $85,000.


    The engine options are expected to be downsized for this model, the manufacturer will still give buyers a good number of options. The car will offer buyers impeccable fuel efficiency and it will also afford drivers with sluggish driving sense.

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