Air Conditioning , Heated Seats , Leather Trimmed Interior , Navigation System , Spoiler ,Towing Package

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser

5/5, Author Rating 5
Toyota is probably the biggest car manufacture in the global market today in regard to the number of the cars they produce and sell. As early reports are going, the incoming 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser will provide the market with a high-end sport utility car. The car will be purposeful as the manufacturer will concentrate mainly on the car’s off-road capabilities placing it on a class of its own. The car also offers potential buyers luxury, so you’ll understand why the car is on its own class...
Toyota motor company is considered the leading car manufacture in the global market in regard to the number of cars sold. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the cars that Toyota manufacture are pocket friendly, they are cheaper to buy and to maintain as opposed to other leading manufactures. Moreover, most cars under this brand are also reliable and they are also fuel efficient. The 2016 Toyota Allion is among one of the more affordable cars that Toyota has produced. The 2016 Allion...
Xenophobia doesn't just end after the foreigners are killed, it stays forever, in the hearts of the victims and their loved ones
A married couple have a problem that no third party eyes can really understand.

2017 Honda Ridgeline

4.75/5, Author Rating 4.75
Tastes of most pickup buyers have indeed changed, and are most of the buyers are now looking for trucks that are bigger and better. The Honda Ridgeline’s future looked a little bit dicey as the manufacturer never produced cars that offered buyers the muscle that serious truck buyers would prefer. The manufacturer looked to be occupied with giving buyers light-duty pickup utility as well as comfort that would typically be associated with SUV’s. The 2017 Honda Ridgeline certainly couldn’t...

2018 Chevrolet Suburban

5/5, Author Rating 5
The Chevrolet suburban is currently one of the most popular full sized SUV’s in the global market as it has over the years become a complete package. When the car first came to the scene, it was generally as a rugged sports utility car, but it lacked the inside and outside appeal. But today, the car has completely changed and become everything that buyers would want, the outside high quality has been matched by the luxurious interior it now possesses. The 2018 Chevrolet Suburban pretty much...

2018 Volvo XC40

5/5, Author Rating 5
Volvo for quite some time has been trying to revamp the entire lineup of their vehicles. The revamp of the car lineup will begin with the XC90. The lineup will be made full by the launch of the 2018 Volvo XC40. The release of the XC40 will stun competitors with this new sports utility vehicle with its indispensable specifications and standards. The car will be majorly designed and will appeal to most customers with families and still want to have a sporty driving feel. The car’s main...
A gripping, engaging, poignant and provocative narrative that weaves back and forth through the pre-colonial, pre and post independence Nigeria until May 2015. It explores the brutal, insensate and terroristic fight for power by the Nigerian elite?

2016 Toyota Noah

4.75/5, Author Rating 4.75
5/5, 1 Review
Toyota motor company is known all over the world as the leading car manufacturer in regard to number of cars sold in the global market. This is majorly because most of the cars they manufacture are cheap to buy and also to maintain. The vehicles under this brand name are also reliable and fuel efficient. The 2016 Toyota Noah which is little known in the US market is just one of the latest affordable versions of the Japanese Giant. The 2016 Toyota Noah This MPV is capable of carrying eight...

Senator Isiaka Adeleke

5/5, Author Rating 5
Biography of an Icon.

The 2018 KIA Telluride Concept

5/5, Author Rating 5
KIA motors have finally come up with a full-sized SUV. The car was launched at the North America International Auto Show; come in KIA Telluride Concept. After years of trying to compete in the global demand of SUVs KIA has finally uncovered a car that the American carmaker is expecting to help them become a major player in the SUV market. KIA is looking to attract more buyers in the market with this new release. Most importantly KIA is trying to reach out to customers who are looking for...
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