How to Get Him to Do Whatever You Want in a Relationship.

  • Introduction.

    He has stopped listening to you or seeking your advice. Moreover, your man takes pride in treating you as doormat. To make the situation worst he dismays you with his curt behaviour towards you. You need to come out of this situation quickly or being so fed up with his behaviour you must be thinking about ending your relationship with him. But your heart says something else. You want to give your relation another chance to make it better because you still love your husband or boyfriend. So it strikes your mind how cool your life would have been if things would have been vice-a-versa.

    You must be cogitating something to make him do whatever you want him to do. It is like a dream that you wish comes true for you. If you’re a person who couldn’t relate to the above mentioned circumstances, you might just want to unleash the love lioness and take control of your relation in your hands. You dream to be an independent fairy that is determined to ensure that things go her way. I understand that women do feel like being in self-control instead of being controlled by some relation or something else.

    The thing is you have to bring small yet vital changes to get what you want. These changes are simple enough for you to make sure things turn out to be the right way in the relationship. Moreover these changes are small. None of it requires you to go out of your way to see if things are going your way or not. So sit back and relax. Love is a game, Win it or loose it. The choice is yours.

    I will discuss the small things that we often forget in our daily life. Part of it is because once we have settled in a relationship; we often take each other for granted. We think we know that person inside out and our mind gets in habit of taking a person in the same way for everything. Until, that person or you begin to change his or her way towards the other. At that point you realize that you have to do something or you can see it all falling in front of your eyes.

    Men are different from women in terms of many things when it comes to behaviour. You need to study your man thoroughly for understanding the ways you can implement to get him to do whatever you want.

    Now you would say this is something you have been doing for many years. I’ll ask you to have a closer look at his body language and his facial expressions. Study him as if he is a stranger to you. Once you are done studying your husband or boyfriend, make a mental note of different things you saw. In the first chapter we will discuss the ways to read a person’s emotions through his body language.

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