Run To You.

  • Coming from a wealthy long line, at age 27, Margaret Coleman doesn’t know what to do when she learned she was bound to marry a stranger. Running away was the best option and it means standing up alone. She’s clueless on how she will cope giving up the lavish life she once had. Having no choice, Margaret took the job that pays very well in a place that nobody knows her. In return, she had to work with one of the coldest human being on earth.

    Gorgeous, intelligent and problematical are the exact words that describes Andrew Marie Gil, son of the multi-millionaire Antonio Gil. Taking over the family business is expected out of him. But expectations and reality prove to be two different things.

    When two different worlds collide, series of emotions have developed for the two of them.

    Watch out for this story line and let me know if you are interested before I start writing it.

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