Secrets and Scandals

  • Secrets and scandals by Kelly chikezie.

    ...Esther. 14589913_1319991968045091_5111358799026308545_o.jpg

    In Secrets and Scandals we first of all see Nena, a young woman who falls in love with the new priest. Father Patrick is a priest consumed with the passion for rescuing the lost souls of his people in Mathere, Kenya. His passionate preaching of his people's fate get out of hand and Father John, the older curate tries to put a stop to it through the Bishop himself. Father Patrick is offended at what he perceives as an affront.
    Nena almost around the same time, is having issues with her uncle for his eagerness to see her married off. She stumbles upon Father Patrick one afternoon and the both of them find some reprieve in each other's company. Their meetings become regular and Nena finds herself falling in love with the priest.
    He doesn't requite her love however even after they have sex but chooses to hold on to his calling.

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