#30BillionConcert Vs #WizkidTheConcert: Thrills and Disappointments

Discussion in 'Celebrities' started by Osas Jacob, Dec 28, 2017.

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    Like millions of fans, i had the pleasure of attending both Davido and Wizkid's concert via twitter and instagram. With the various reviews, short clips and comments, i was able to make some deductions of my own. One major one is how much fans take pleasure in fighting "the battles" of their favorite superstar. At #WizkidTheConcert, it became apparent that the average Nigerian has no idea what these musicians are actually up to. Was there really a feud between Davido and Wizkid? While many youths were forming keyboard warriors, these artistes were obviously using it to promote their relevance and remain in the news. This was confirmed as Davido and Wizkid performed on stage together at #WizkidTheConcert. This concert was seen as a major success and that performance capped it all up. Despite the uproar that greeted the announcement of Yomi Sars (an antagonist for the #EndSars campaign) as a performer at the event, there was still a very huge turnout as fans trooped in to support Starboy.

    #30BillionConcert was also a success depending on the angle you are looking at it from. A twitter bird told me that it was incredibly disorganized and over-filled. I guess this has to do with all the tickets getting sold out too. Another source of disappointment was the fact that there were a lot of unknown artistes performing at the events. The crowd didn't vibe to much of the music and a certain Spesh annoyed a lot of them. However, there was a major turn-up at the #30BillionConcert. This was the reuniting of MoHits, a hit singing group that was led by Don Jazzy. This is actually a major feat, and i was personally very impressed. No one was left dulling as they belted out hits after hits. The concert also ended on a very high note as Davido didn't disappoint with his performance as well. He and Wizkid graced the stage once more, and everyone was left wondering if they had been besties all their lives. Both the #30BillionConcert and #WizkidTheConcert will be remembered for a long time.

    One major lesson i learned from this is we should avoid speculations. Time after time, there is always a comparison on who is better between Davido and Wizkid. Does that really matter? They are both good at what they do and are obviously making it big. Looking at the concerts, all those that have had their family and entire generations insulted all because they were defending Wizkid as being International and Davido Local can now hide their heads in shame.

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