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    Gone are those days when web design used to be a huge deal. With the domination of CMS platforms like Wordpress, just anybody can embark on a web development project; and emerge with an excellent result in a matter of days.
    Generally speaking, WordPress is a very powerful, flexible platform. Some of the world’s largest and most popular websites are built with WordPress. But they’re also nimble enough to power smaller websites.
    However, it does take a bit of work to use it effectively, and the learning curve is higher than other website builders. If you have the time and interest to commit to learning a bit of code, or have the financial resources to hire capable developers, then WordPress is definitely a good option for you.​

    1. Wix (Best All Around Website Builder)

    Wix is the best All Around drag & drop website builders available today. They currently have over 82 million registered users, and over 1.94 million paying subscribers.
    You can literally drag and drop any content you want on your website, without touching a line of code. So you don’t need to be technical at all to use Wix.
    2. Building an E-commerce website? Try Magento
    Magento is the eCommerce software and platform trusted by the world's leading brands. you really stand a good chance of growing your online business with Magento, rather than going through the hassles of building a Wordpress site and then extending it for E-comerce with a countless number of plugins
    3. Joomla
    When it comes to complexity, Joomla! places somewhere between simple WordPress and comprehensive and advanced Drupal. The Open Source script is very popular among programmers who create even quite advanced websites with it. The CMS can be downloaded and viewed at www.joomla.org
    Joomla! is quite simple to install. It takes only about ten minutes from downloading to having a working script on a server. It is not as easy as Quick.Cms or WordPress, but is still much simpler than Drupal.
    Even though Joomla! has many modules and templates, it is always missing something for the more advanced users. This seems to be a prominent downside to joomla, however, it's still better than in case of WordPress.
    4. Squarespace (Best Designs)
    Squarespace, although not as easy to use as Wix (but still much easier to use and customize compared to WordPress), they give you the ability to build a gorgeous, really polished looking website.
    Their strength is in their design templates, which are all mobile responsive and beautifully crafted. They can make your website look clean, minimalistic and chic. You can literally “drag and drop” you way to building a website that looks like you’ve invested thousands of dollars into hiring a designer to help you create.
    5. Finally, Weebly (Easiest to Use)

    Weebly in is probably the easiest to use, drag and drop website builder available today.
    Their user interface is very friendly and minimalistic, making it pretty intuitive for you to learn how to quickly build your website (again, without touching a line of code).

    So try your hands on these, before your next major project. You might just find your new platform of choice?
    Is this list missing something? let me know...​

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