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Achieving success - the key to everlasting happiness....2...

Discussion in 'Lyfestyle' started by Benedict Boniface, Oct 21, 2015.

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    over the years , man has been battling with hunger , ignorant and survival. Moreover , nature has so much demand for life fulfillment , happiness and peace . However, man would wish to achieve all these demands. He would like to prosper in those things . Although success is not something that comes easily . It is a result of consistently applying some basic principles of life . While failure is the result of making the same mistake repeatedly.

    For you to be successful in life , you must take responsibility for your actions. Your ability and willingness to discipline yourself to accept personal responsibility for your life are essential to your happiness , health , success , achievement and personal leadership. Always try and take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming others . You become more fulfilled when you accept responsibility for your actions and strive to correct it . Your self discipline starts by taking responsibility for your emotions and you take charge of your emotions by accepting 100 percent responsibility of your actions.

    To be successful in life , there is the need for goal setting . Is a tool that helps to achieve greater success in life . It makes life different . Successful people always have their goals in mind , they know where they want to go and finally they get their. So you need to start with a target , a destination , a goal . You may say "how do i achieve my set goals ? it is easier said than done . You are right . Many people fail not because they don't have goals , they fail because they have not achieved their set goals , giving up during the journey. Are you one of them? . For you to be successful , you have to work on your goals . Review it daily and work towards it .

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