Anini Reloded #By Ayis Eliboy

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    CAUTION: Please don’t mind the title of the story, its a task upon you to rename the story as we proceed… lol

    This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

    Note: This story is a property of the author AYIS ELIBOY hence all form of copyright is prohibited, without the author ‘s consent..
    All episodes were written on my bed, especially when its time for me to sleep so expect errors.
    Criticism is welcomed.

    In the quest for survival, a graduate of business administration from OAU (obafemi awolowo university), who happened to be the eldest son of his family of four (mother,himself,brother and sister with the exception of his late father) opted for crime though it is not what he liked.
    Eli was in his early 20’s, he was 24yrs old to be precise and hailed from otor-owhe in Isoko North local government Area of Delta State.
    He struggled into the university despite not having a sponsor. Mr. Jude, his rich uncle did not want the progress of his family. His immediate brother, younger sister and mother took it as a challenge to make sure he achieved his goal to become a graduate.
    He finally succeeded but due to unemployment, he had no other choice but to work out a way to make his family happy, instead of suffering in the village…
    Whether he will succeed or fail, we shall get to know.

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    Its a nice thing to be a graduate I thought as I proudly jumped off the bus I boarded all the way from Ile-Ife in Osun State where my school was, to my home town.
    The journey was time exhausting as it took us five good hours to arrive in Delta State. I wasn’t comfortable with the gazes thrown at me as I crossed the major road to get a bike that will take me to my house, I guessed the NYSC camouflage I wore dragged the attention of many people to me. Most of the village girls winked at me seductively…
    I didn’t mind as I smiled at them and hastily climbed onto one of the packed bikes, the bike man agreed to take me to my house at a fee of #50.

    –************ —

    Getting home I saw my younger sister Joy removing the dirt from beans while singing, she couldn’t hold herself when she saw me on the bike. She quickly put the tray of beans on the floor and rushed to me. She jumped on me, if not because of my strength as a man, I would have fallen to the ground because I was very tired as I had not eaten all day.
    I could see the happiness in her eyes and was really glad to see her healthy and grown up **5yrs away from home nor be child’s play oo, forget say I dey talk to them on phone, especially after receiving money from my mum i always called to thank her and my siblings for all their efforts and contributions to raised the money** . she carried my box inside and started shouting mama!!!
    I walked behind her with a small bag and a polythene bag which contained the bread I bought for them. Before I could get in, my mum blocked me at the door with a glamorous smile and she sang and danced holding my hands and touching my face, like a blind woman. I danced along with her and behold my younger brother came in to join the celebration after a brotherly hug with me. Our sitting room was filled with joy as we all danced to the songs my mum sang.
    We finally settled on the chair. My younger sister (Joy) saw my legs as the best seat she could find in the house, her weight was wow! She even feel relaxed on my lap, forgetting she was by now a fully mature woman.
    ME: Mama oo! Imagine small Joy of yesterday now having a weight compared to sack of garri
    MUM: Don’t you know she is a woman now, you expect her to remain the small girl she was before you left (Joy helping mother to complete the statement)
    JOY: Brother Eli! I’m 17yrs old now oo, if not for money I am supposed to be writing waec with my mates who are writing now (the fact that she is not writing the SSCE made me sad)
    ME: Don’t worry Joy, by Gods grace next year you’ll sit for the exams okay? If I get a nice paying job in time, then you will enrol waec gce this year.
    JOY: Okay bros
    ME: What about you Lucky?
    LUCKY: *paled face* Am not happy at all oo, I managed to save money to buy jamb form, I sat for it and I scored 286. But there was no money to buy the post utme form of my two preferred institutions, mama and Joy managed to raise #2,500 but it was not enough. I had no other option but to meet uncle Jude, but he said he did not have anything rather he gave me #50 to add to the one mummy and Joy raised
    ME: Uncle Jude will never change. Well, you will still buy the form my brother, let me see what I can do
    LUCKY: The form is no longer on sale, it got expired last week, I have to give the money to mama and she has been using it to cook for us.
    ME: Okay, don’t worry my brother ,all will be fine. I will get a job soon, since I am a graduate with first class upper you all will enjoy and I promise to sponsor you and Joy to any level. Mama stop crying it is well
    MUM: Its not well oo, I can’t see you all in pain and accept the fact that all is well, even my stomach is aching me all day that I barely go to the farm since last month, the doctor said its stomach ulcer. The last money I sent to you came from all my expensive wrappers which I sold to Mama Valentine, at a cheaper rate.
    ME: Mama your son is here now, so stop worrying yourself, you will be fine and I promise to replace them.
    MUM: I know you have a pure heart and will make your siblings and I smile. That is why I took the load on my head and forced your younger ones to go out there and work hard by selling things for people and doing other petty jobs. Sorry my son i know you must be hungry, I cooked ogbiyokpo soup with fresh bitter leaf, let me go and serve you (its just as if my mum knew my present state, I was really famished)


    We all ate together happily and after the meal, I went straight to my small room in the hut, to arrange a well written application letter and all my documents including my CV (Curriculum Vitae) needed to secure a good job.
    I had a great task before me to tackle and that was my family well being, the only way out was to look for a job and take full responsibility of the family affairs…

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    As early as 7am I was already searching for a job in my community and its environs.
    I couldn’t sleep at night due to thinking, about my family’s predicament. I trekked everywhere from company to company, and one office to another with my well sown suit and file in my hand, sweating profusely.
    After all attempts in each office failed, I decided to rest in a small shop where I bought fanta and started sipping it slowly until I would gain strength to move on.
    This time i planned to visit the nearby developed town called Ughelli.
    I was insanely taken away with the remembrance of my Late Father, as i stared at a man who came to the store to get a bottled water.
    I haven’t even talked about my father, let me just give a brief information about him. Did I say brief? My old man’s story file is large, Occupying more than 10gig in my hard-disk (cerebrum).

    — — —

    My dad was a very generous Banker, he was the only child of his mother but had a step brother because hisdad (my grandfather) married another woman since his mum (my grandmother) could not conceive anymore as a result of a critical accident she had. She later died of cardiac arrest.
    With God on my dad’s side, he became successful in his education, finished with good grades and got a nice job as a banker the very year he graduated. He got married to my mother who was his girlfriend during his school days. Things went well with him and he was promoted to the post of the general managing director in ICglobal which was the bank he worked, he started doing charity to everyone he came across and also to his step brother.
    He did everything for his step brother Mr. Jude who didn’t go to school but learned to be a mechanic as an apprentice, in his youthful days. He gave Uncle Jude money to start up a business of importation of cars and other goods.
    My dad built a befitting house in Lagos where we lived, and a small duplex in the village. I was in JSS3 attending one of the best schools in Lagos when my dad died after returning home from his step brother’s house.
    He was taken to the hospital and the doctor told us he was poisoned with cyanide and dichloromethane which had eaten up his heart and liver.
    We couldn’t question uncle Jude as he was very fast with his moves, he accused my mum of killing his brother and packed us out of my father’s house.
    He converted all my father’s property to his own and left us stranded. My mum managed to train my siblings and I with the money my dad deposited in her account every month, and when it got finished, we relocated to the village as she couldn’t afford to pay the rent anymore.
    An ancient mud house was given to us by Uncle Jude since he has denied us right to stay in my father’s duplex in the village.
    Back to my dad’s burial, he made sure my dad stayed in the mortuary for 10months without any good reason, and after that he bought a casket worth one million which my dad was buried with, and threw dollars all about during the burial. Uncle Jude claimed he gave my dad a befitting burial.
    After the burial he gave my mum #1,000 to use in training us for the year, and come back the next year for another yearly allowance of #1,000 *Mtcheeeeeeeww* seems I have to stop here because am about crying.

    — — —

    All the components of my makeup as a human were covered with frustration and anger, as I paid the annoying young girl who was hitting my head to wake up from my trance and start going. She even ended up calling me a poor man wearing coat
    *The tin pain me sha but I swallowed it, especially when she referred to my expensive suit which i used in defending my seminar as coat*
    She wasn’t up to my younger sister’s age, so I decided to keep her quiet just to avoid temptation of committing murder…
    I left her without altering a single word and went to the road side, to get a cab that will take me to Ughelli town to continue my quest. Thank God there was still time for me since it was exactly 11:23am, I still had up to 5hours to move round Ughelli which had big companies compared to the rest cities around my

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    I arrived Ughelli about 15 minutes later and went to many companies but I was not employed by any. I was opportuned to meet the director of a popular private company known as ‘cake and bakes’ who ushered me in knowing that I finished from OAU which was the school he also attended during his days in higher institution, he offered me a seat and requested for my credentials which I gave to him;
    DIRECTOR: My friend, I must confess you have good
    qualification here and good reputation as well. (Smiling as he glance through)
    ME: Thank you sir (with a returned smile, sampling my 32)
    DIRECTOR: There is a vacancy in this firm which I would have loved you to occupy but, the problem is that you are over qualified for that position and I can’t afford your salary
    ME: Sir, I’m not after the money, anything you can pay will be okay by me Sir, if possible you can beat it down to 50%
    DIRECTOR: It is not as you think, I went to the same school with you and managed to graduate with second class lower but here you are a first class upper graduate, and you want to receive something four
    times lower than what I am earning? My friend I have conscience and so I can’t do that
    ME: Sir, see eh! I will be okay with even the money you are paying your cleaners, all I need is just the job so I can take care of my family
    DIRECTOR: We are saying the same thing, the world needs you. There are thousands of firms out there that are looking for someone like you, maybe you should
    check some other place
    ME: Sir please, I will be very content with anything you pay me.
    DIRECTOR: I’m sorry but I have an appointment to catch up with, just give a try at Julius berger or any of the Dangote companies. They can meet up with your
    payment (leaving the office by leading me to the door)

    I tried other companies both big and small but my effort was to no avail. I decided to go back home and rest, planing to continue the next day.

    — — — —

    Got home and saw my entire family eating, I dropped my file on the chair and sat down helplessly.
    They knew all was not well with me;
    MUM: My son, what is the problem with you?
    ME: Mama nothing is the problem
    MUM: But you don’t look bright
    ME: I’m just tired ma’am
    MUM: Please come and eat, this is the only yam and oil that is remaining. biko mo riemu **I beg come and eat**
    ME: Don’t worry about me mama, I don’t have appetite for food right now.

    I left the sitting room to my room just to have a nap since my muscle, joints and entire body ached…
    I woke up late that night and went to the sitting room where I found my mum encouraging my siblings as I joined them willingly. She told us to be patient that
    Gods time is the best and encouraged us to bear with the hard time the family was facing. As soon as she rounded off her motherly advise, we prayed together
    as if we wanted to fall down heaven with our demands and bade each other good night…

    — — — —

    The next day being Saturday I went out as usual to search for job but it wasn’t fruitful, what pains me most was the fact that my mum’s health was getting
    worse. There was no money to get her even pain relief drugs which would not cost more than one hundred naira in our local chemist shop, let alone going to the
    hospital. I had to do something fast, because I could not afford losing her since she was the only parent I have.
    That evening I went round the town and saw a man who was in need of labourers that would help him harvest his cassava.
    “I told him I could do the job myself, but he insisted I add more hands to myself. I ran home and called Lucky so we could both do the job. We went back to the man and promised to get the job done before the end of the day, he agreed to pay us twenty thousand naira only if we could finish the work that day. We nodded our heads in agreement that we would keep to our promise.
    He finally agreed to give us the job and took us to the land which made us surprised, five acres of land which is hundred by five hundred (100 x 500) covered with cassava….

    Well with the spirit of hustling in us we agreed to do the job but for thirty thousand naira. The old man agreed
    to our bid which boasted our Morales, we pulled off our clothes to get the job started at least we got 4 hours till nightfall…

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    With the ginger spirit in us we were able to harvest all the cassava as promised, and quickly rushed to the man’s house to inform him. He was not convinced at all and decided to go and see for himself, reaching there he discovered we were done and congratulated us for a job well done.
    I expected the man to pay us for the job we did rather he was greeting us with lot of thanks.
    Having less patience, I was forced to asked for our pay which he gave to me after smiling for some minutes. I took the weak notes from him and started flipping
    them, while counting the money I realised there was extra five thousand naira added to it, I recounted it and arrived at thirty-five thousand naira again.
    As a good Christian I told the old man that he has over paid us but he said he added the extra five thousand as an appreciation that we should have it all.
    I was really pleased and told Lucky to join me and pack the harvested cassava to the man’s house with wheelbarrow which wasn’t part of our agreement.
    We finally finished in the man’s farm late that night, and rushed back home with happiness. Reaching home my mum was on the floor lying helplessly covered with
    cloth, I asked her what the problem was but she couldn’t speak audibly.
    “Joy told me she fell down while trying to set up fire wood meant for cooking, and since then she could not stand up.
    Hearing this got me scared and went in search of a cab that can take us to any hospital around but couldn’t find any.

    Lucky and I carried her in turns on our back to the general hospital since there was no motorcycle or taxi to use.

    – – – –

    The nurses on duty assisted us at the gate with a stretcher and took my mum in. They fixed drip on her immediately and in an hour’s time she regained herself, I was told to pay #20,000 for laboratory test
    and the emergency treatment that was given to her.
    A lady came, took her blood sample and after some time, the doctor also came in and told us to go home and come back the next day.
    There is no way i can leave my mum in the hospital alone, so I ask Joy to stay behind and left with Lucky.

    – – – –

    Lucky and I went to the hospital the next day to see my mum. She was really pleased to see us but seeing her in that state on an hospital bed made tears dripped
    down my cheeks. I excused myself from their midst and went to the doctor’s office.
    I got to the office and met the doctor attending to some files;
    ME: Good morning doctor
    DOC: Good morning my friend, your are welcome to my office, how may I help you?
    ME: I’m the son of Mrs. Ayis Rosemary, one of your patients.
    DOC: Ohhh, you mean the woman that was brought in yesterday night?
    ME: Yes sir
    DOC: I’m sorry to say this but your mum’s issue is a very complicated one. She had tumors developing in the inner lining (myometrium) of her uterus which has now resulted to Submucosal fibroid. Secondly her sugar level is also high that if care is not taken it will lead to diabetes type-1.
    ME: Can’t something be done?
    DOC: We are trying our best and I believe she will be discharged today depending on her response to treatment, but I will advise you to take her to UBTH
    (University of Benin Teaching Hospital) for fibroid operation otherwise she might give up. According to the ultrasound and pelvic MRI test done by our gynecologist, her uterus has grown tumors that are quite large and may cause severe abdominal pain, increased urination, and pains during intercourse i.e that is if she still engage in coition/copulation.
    ME: can’t we do the operation here?
    DOC: For the now, we do not have steady power and some instruments needed for the operation. That is why I recommended UBTH.
    ME: Thank you doctor, but how much will it cost?
    DOC: Its a minor operation however people do pass away in the course of carrying out the operation but I assure you that your mum will be okay, just raise
    ME: Okay sir, I’ll look for a way to get the money.
    I left the doctor’s office to the ward where my mum was, we stayed with her all day until she was discharge.
    Just for my mother’s sake, my siblings engaged in several work that gave them peanuts while I kept on searching for a better job.

    — — — —

    Weeks past, Months past but still I could not get any job that will fetch me good money apart from the sales boy work of Ten thousand naira salary.
    I manage to do the sales boy work for just a month, and was forced to give up the job because of the extra stress it has, and settled for jobs that will pay me daily.
    Thank God my mum and siblings were fine and we could eat two square meal each day that passed. One fateful morning I was clearing the grasses in a chief’s compound when I saw a friend of mine;
    ME: Ogheneovo is this you
    OVO: It’s me oo, why are you like this? (seeing me tattered)
    ME: My brother you know how the country is, ever since I came back from school things have been very hard for me.
    OVO: No, you have to go to the city with me so I can fix you somewhere, a graduate like you deserves something better na! Not this kind of job you are
    ME: You mean I am going with you?
    OVO: Yes, you did alot for me while we were in secondary school so I think this is the only chance I have to pay back.
    ME: Well I really appreciate, and have to inform my mum for her approval
    OVO: That is fine by me, I have to go complete a business transaction with chief.
    ME: okay (feeling relief)

    Ogheneovo went into the chief’s house to see him and gave me his contact to call him the next day if I made up my mind to go with him, that he would leave for Lagos in three days time.

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