As usual, Nigerians Survive Again!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OJaderogbin, Jun 1, 2016.

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    Many bad policies have come and gone in this country; likewise, we have experienced some necessary evil days that we all agree couldn't be avoided. Like when the fuel price crashed on the global market and analysts came out with various statistics, all pointing to the fact that as an oil-dependent economy...we should prepare for the worst! Well, it didnt kill us..we survided. Remember the celebrated global recession of some years back? You will think poor countries like Nigeria will have the most casualties; and then we survived again.
    Fast-forward to May 2016, when the much dreaded subsidy removal finally happened, it was like the worst we could imagine. Almost 100% increase in the price of fuel...that's double on all expenses, especially transportation and food; with no corresponding increase in income, how will we survive? The fear was real. Meanwhile, even before the subsidy removal, prices of other essential commodities like foodstuff had already began increasing. Now increasing the pump price of fuel - just the perfect scenario for severe hardship.

    But really, have you stopped driving your car? Or has the number of those high fuel-consuming SUVs on Nigerian roads reduced? I am yet to stop fueling my gen o...We lament and lament, and move on. It seems Nigerians always have a way to survive the toughest predicaments. We buy the most expensive fuel in West Africa, yet we use the most cars, we use electricity that runs on fuel...and if you are like my neighbor, you run the gen overnight, every night!

    Perhaps there is something about hardship that Nigerians are used to, that when it even gets tougher; we just go on! Or God really loves us Nigeria specially like we like to tell ourselves.

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