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    Episode one.

    She stopped brushing her hair and looked at me."So madam, what are you going to be doing at home all by yourself?" Ebun asked me.
    "Ha'an! Why are you bothering yourself? Bimbo won't come with us. You're acting like you don't know her." Treasure said before I could answer.
    I just laughed and shook my head, still reading the story i had been reading on my phone.
    "Hahahaha. Treasure! Biko leave my roomie alone. She said she doesn't want to go." Mary Ann, my roommate defended. She was trying to decide which shoes to wear, she raised one of each of the pairs causing her dilemma, for me to see. I pointed at the red ones with gold heels. She gave me a thumbs up.
    "Why won't you defend her? You two are almost the same". Treasure said Never looking away from the mirror, ensuring that her silicon butt pads weren't out of place.
    Ebun starred at me, she snatched my phone and dashed out of the house. I didn't move a muscle. I shouted after her though "if David calls tell him I'll call him back." Then I lay down and watched them get ready.
    Treasure hissed, Mary Ann laughed, Ebun came back and flung my phone at me "abeg take. Boring girl."
    I picked her phone and went back to my book. Treasure and Ebun left for the club, Mary Ann had a date, I was left home alone as usual...
    I was one on those people who could get you confused if you tried to figure out if I was an introvert or extrovert. I was a noisemaker around friends, but could pass for mean or a snob if you were meeting me for the first time.
    I was what you'd call a "good girl". No partying, no alcohol, no weed, no sex, no revealing clothing, no profanity... name it.
    I had a circle of friends; Ebun, Treasure. Mary Ann, Queen and Zara. Each of them crazy in her own way and I loved them so.
    David, my boyfriend was my everything, my first and only love.
    I wasn't the eldest in the circle, but I sure acted like it. I was happy with that, I guess...
    My phone vibrated in my hand, making me jolt, I was reading horror. It was queen, throwing in ping after ping. My poor battery. The silly girl didn't stop till she got to her 25th ping, I waited.
    "Queen watapen" I typed
    "What are you doing in that house?" she replied. I laughed, typical queen.
    "I'm reading"
    "Does what you're reading have any positive value on you CGPA?" I laughed harder.
    "No ma'am not exactly".
    "Then why aren't you here with us?"
    "I'm supposed to meet David". I lied.
    "Which David?"
    "Lol. My David naw"
    "The same David I'm looking at, abi which one?"
    I called her.
    "What did you say?"
    "David is here"
    "Nope. See question o... Who stays alone in the club"
    "I'm coming". I ended the call. What I was doing, I didn't know. David had suggested the club several times, I had declined but he said he wasn't ever going without me.
    What was I going to wear? I chose a black sweatshirt, Blue jeans and grey hightops. (Did I mention I have a thing for male clothing?)
    I didn't look half as 'appealing' as my friends though. I rolled my eyes at the thought, I didn't care, I just had to get to the club.

    I was there in 25 minutes. I called Ebun, she had already seen me so she waved at me and I went over to where they were. Treasure began to laugh the second she saw me.
    "Wetin you wear so?" Queen asked. I ignored the question.
    "Where is David" I asked
    They looked at each other, they looked tense all except Queen.
    She said in a mocking tone "You're talking like you're going to do anything"
    "Fine". She tilted her head sharply in his direction
    The my boyfriend was holding a chubby girl. I felt uncomfortable for her, the way he was touching her as they danced. She didn't seem to mind. Queen was saying something in the background, about warning me before. I froze, couldn't move, couldn't blink. "It's just a one night thing" I tried to comfort myself.
    I started to walk in that direction, like I was being controlled. I heard Ebun call me but I didn't stop, I kept going.
    "David" i managed to say when I got close
    He turned to look at me. He didn't look surprised
    "Bimbo, baby meet Bimbo". His breath reeked of weed and alcohol. Another shocker! He called her baby, I knew about the alcohol,but not the smoking.
    "Hi" she said.
    I starred at David, he seemed not to see me standing anymore as she was grinding on him to the rhythm of the music.
    I turned around and made for the exit like a zombie. Ebun ran after me, Queen and Treasure followed.
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    Episode two

    I was shaking when I got home. I pulled my keys out of my pocket, but my hands weren't steady enough to put the key into the keyhole.

    Ebun collected the keys from me and unlocked the door. We had all been quiet on the way home. As soon as Ebun opened the door, I got in, slumped on my bed, buried my head in my pillow and screamed. Not for long though, the pain that shot through my head told me to shut up.

    Treasure sat beside me on the bed, she placed her hand on my back and rubbed it up and down. That was supposed to calm me down I guess, but it made me cry harder than I already was. She stopped suddenly, then she touched my neck with the back of her hand.

    "Oh my God! Bimbo you're burning up!" she said
    That explained the headache.

    "Babe. Don't do this to yourself o. If you fall ill now, You think David will care? Look, I know it hurts but just try to forget it shogbo? Tests are around the corner o" Ebun said.

    My Ebun, we had been friends for as long as I could remember. Sweet thing she was, though a few years older than I was, she treated me like there wasn't an age difference. She was like the older sister I never had, I told her everything and she was always there.

    Ebun was right, I couldn't let this weigh me down. Besides, it's not like they were doing anything really; self deception.
    It was too late, I had started shivering.

    "No naw" Queen lamented "don't do this Bimbo"
    What was wrong with this people? Did they think I liked being sick,or that I had any control over what was happening?

    Ebun rushed to get me some medicine, Treasure put a cold towel on my forehead, Queen was in the kitchen making me custard

    I slept off after I ate and had my medication. I dreamt of stabbing the chubby girl and watching her deflate like a bad tire. I liked that dream.

    I woke up to a knock. I looked around, Ebun and Mary Ann were on the floor sleeping, Treasure and queen must have left.

    The knock came again, I got up to answer it, but the pain that soon established itself in my head, told me to lie down.

    Ebun and Mary Ann were deep sleepers, I was still gonna have to get up and answer the door.
    I managed to. I opened the door to David's face and shut it back in the same instant.

    "Bimbo I'm sorry, I was drunk and stoned, I didn't know what I was doing" He said from the other side of the door
    "Please baby, it has to be you. Nobody else understands me like you"

    I opened the door again "Come in" I said and walked towards the kitchen so we could talk without waking the girls up.

    "You made me look stupid! Like I wasn't even there. David look, I don't know. Maybe with time we can work something out but right now im..."
    He used his mouth to shut me up, he knew I liked sudden kisses. All the pain and anger I had been feeling seemed to melt away too.

    I pulled away. "David. I..."
    "Shh..." He placed I finger on my lips. "I love you, please forgive me"

    "Whose shoes are these?" Treasure's voice came from outside. She opened the door and marched in.
    "Ehen? What do you want here eh? Go and meet your Orobo o. Leave my friend alone! Oya it's ok self come and go.".

    She walked to the door and opened it. She stood vibrating with one hand on her waist and the other on the door.

    Her noise woke Ebun up. When she opened her eyes and saw the drama unfolding, she shut them back and feigned sleep.

    "Treasure please stop, he's explaining" I begged
    Queen who had been sitting quietly, flared up.
    "If I slap you eh... what nonsense is he explaining? Where is Zara self. She would have handled this better. Bros, biko come and pass"

    David sighed. "I'll call you" He said.
    I nodded, Then he took my hand and tried to hug me. Treasure went mad

    "Abi eleyi Ti ya were ni? Ogbeni bota! Get out!" she pulled him by his shirt and pushed him out. He glared at her. She shut the door and hissed "Oloshi"

    I was angry. I yelled at Treasure for treating David like that and at Queen for supporting. They tried to make me understand they were looking out for me.

    Ebun got up, she had been holding back laughter.
    "So you, you think I didn't know u weren't sleeping abi?" I eyed her wickedly.

    "I'm sorry, but I couldn't get involved in all that" she was still laughing.
    Treasure was sitting at the edge. I pushed her off, she too had joined Ebun in the laughter. I put a pillow over my head.

    I must have slept off, because Adekunle Gold's voice was the next thing I heard. He was singing orente. Oh! That was my phone ringing.

    "Hey baby, can you come over please? We need to talk"
    "I'm on my way". I was going to David's house

    Mary Ann was still asleep...
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    It seems Bimbo's sickness also affects her common sense. :mad:
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    I'm following.
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    Episode 3

    I took a deep breath before knocked on David's door. I had barely touched the door, before he pulled it open.

    "Wow! Hi." I said
    "Hey baby, come in" He said, moving out of the way for me.

    His apartment smelled nice, like cinnamon and something fruity.
    "Weird scents for a boy" I thought. I must have said it out loud because he laughed and he said "it's all for you"

    I observed the room. There was a bottle of red wine on the bedside stool and two wine glasses. There was a glass bowl beside the wine. Filled with gummybear and chocolate hearts (I'm a sucker for gummy bear)

    "What's all this?" I turned around to ask him. He had disappeared
    "David?". No response
    I walked to the kitchen, where I thought I had heard a noise.
    "David?" I called out again.

    I punched his nose! He screamed and lay on the floor, I knelt beside him to see how much damage I had done.

    "Oh my God I'm sorry. Why did you scare me like that?"
    "It's ok." He said. It sounded funny because he was clutching his nose. I laughed.
    "A normal girl would have screamed. What kind of girl are you?"

    I laughed harder. Then he came close, too close. He was over me, I gulped, I couldn't laugh anymore.

    "Let's see how funny you'll find this" He came even closer, I leaned back on my elbows in an attempt to create some space between us. Stupid me, he had me just where he wanted.

    He leaned over me, supporting himself with his hand, probably so his entire weight wasn't on me, and then he kissed me.

    His mouth was sweet, he must have been eating some of the gummybear. My heart was beating fast. He moved his mouth to my neck and started kissing. My breath was getting shorter and harder.

    "Ah temi bami" I thought in my head.
    Then he got up quickly, leaving me confused. He walked over to the stool, and poured some wine for both of us. I remember my mum warning me not to take drinks that I didn't open myself, but I didn't heed.

    He offered me a glass.
    "David, you know I don't drink"
    "Bimbo, have I ever offered you alcohol before? Just this once okay?"

    He smiled that cheesy smile that made me melt, so I took the glass from him. He told me to break it with gummybear and chocolate, so I did.

    He sat behind me on the floor and pulled me into his arms. I slowly relaxed my back on his chest. In a couple of minutes, I was fully relaxed. I was on my second glass and I thought of how much my tummy would ache with all the sugar I had consumed.

    I needed to use the bathroom, so I got up and sat back down immediately. My legs felt wobbly, like the couldn't carry my body.

    "Are you feeling okay?" He asked me
    "I think I've had enough wine and I need to pee."
    He got up, pulled me up and helped me to the bathroom.

    I managed to come out on my own, he was waiting for me at the door. In one swift movement, he grabbed me by the waist, pulled me to himself and our lips Locked.

    He Leaned me on the wall and like he did before, he began to kiss my neck. This time with light bites occasionally. I felt funny, yes I was supposed to respond to his touch, but not like this. Something was different.

    My already weak legs, began to feel weaker. I could barely stand. He noticed this and carried me to the bed, then he placed me on it carefully. Our eyes were locked the entire time.

    He began to unbutton my shirt (Why did I wear a button-up shirt?), revealing my bra an my stomach. The bent and kissed my stomach, then he worked his way up to my bossom.

    Normally, I'd stop him. But today I really wanted this. He was even too slow for how I was feeling and I still didn't understand why I was so turned on.

    I began to take off my clothes by myself. David just smiled, something wasn't right. I continued anyway, till I was wearing just egsmy undies and the foreplay continued. In a couple of minutes, I was in my birthday suit and so was he.

    "Why is he wasting time? I'm on fire" I thought
    "Wait Bimbo what are you doing, what happened to waiting till marriage?"

    I felt like a cartoon character with a demon on my left shoulder and an angel on the right. I laughed at the thought.

    He stopped. "What's funny?"
    He spread my legs and tried to penetrate. Reality slapped me and I moved back.

    " Wait" I said out of breath. "We can't do this" even though I ached down below to.
    "What do you mean?" He seemed angry.

    I moved further backwards. Using a pillow to try and cover my unclad body.
    "David. We agreed from the beginning..."
    "Oh please, don't give me that bull! Look I'm a guy and I have needs. Beck wouldn't refuse."
    "Becky? Is she the girl from the club?"
    "Just forget it." He said getting up.
    "It's her isn't it?" my voice was rising. I followed him. "I'm talking to you"
    I yelled and pulled his arm in attempt to turn him to face me, legs still shake.

    Oh he turned alright, and what he did sent me to the floor, kissing it in the process. He hit me, right across my face. He threw my clothes at me.

    "Get dressed and get out!"
    I gathered myself from the floor, put on my clothes and Left.

    From the gate, I just kept walking. My phone rang a couple of times. But I didn't look at it, I just kept walking.

    I didn't care that my hair was a mess, or that I had worn my pants inside-out, or that I looked like I had been attacked. I payed no attention to the onlookers, or the ones who asked "sister na wetin happen" I just kept walking.

    I payed no attention to the person who packed his car, came up to me to ask if I was ok and if I needed a ride. I didn't care.

    I wasn't going home. If being a virgin was such a big deal, I was going to end it. I was going to deflower myself by myself, and I knew where to get the right tools for the job.
    I called Zara...

    At Zara's, she asked me if I was sure of what I was doing and then she gave me space.
    I placed her laptop on the toilet seat and played one of the videos she had recommended. I got into her tub and began to use the toy.

    If felt good at first, then it began to hurt as I went deeper. I closed my eyes and pushed through
    "Arrrgh!" I screamed.
    "Are you ok?" I heard Zara call out
    I didn't reply. I watched blood stream out if my body and flowed with the running water. When it stopped flowing I filled the tub with warm water and remained in it.

    I Bimbo Ogunbodede lost my virginity to my self at nineteen.

    I didn't care...
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    Why not with someone someone you love instead of doing it yourself.
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    It's Bimbo's decision to decide what to do with her body.
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    Following... Wow! This is damn interesting.
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    But still, what promoted the decision for her to do it herself when someone was obviously willing to help with it?
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    Very strange!
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    Episode 4

    I woke up to five pair of eyes staring down at me. I was disoriented for a few seconds. I rolled my eyes and looked away when I realised who the owners of the eyes were. Zara must have called the girls.

    The expression on each of their faces was different. Queen looked like she was going to burst holding back laughter, Mary Ann had concern written all over her face. Treasure looked amazed and disappointed, Zara looked confused, like she was waiting for me to explain. Ebun looked worried, angry and sad. I didn't care.

    I got out of the tub, water dripped down my naked body to the floor with every step I took. They let their gazes follow me like my body was an object of hypnotism, maybe it was. I felt different, I felt like a woman, I felt like I had achieved a great deal. I walked into Zara's room, they were all still quiet. I found a towel a began to dab my body.

    " so are you guys going to keep looking at me, or is any of you going to finally find the nuts to say something?". Wow! I said nuts. I loved the new me.
    I turned around to face them. Only Zara looked calm.

    I asked her "What are your plans tonight Zara?
    Her brows came closer to each other in an instant.

    "What?" I asked equally frowning.
    "Why are you asking?"
    I flipped a little. " abeg, if u no want talk tell me."
    She was taken aback, but she spoke anyway. "I'm going to the club".
    "Good! We're all going. We need to celebrate."

    Ebun couldn't take it anymore. She walked over to me, dragged me into the bathroom and shut the door.

    "What are you doing?"
    I'd never seen her so cross before. I almost cared.
    "What?" I shot back "y'all have been complaining about how I'm a goody two shoes. So what's the issue now?"
    "You're going about it the wrong way Bimbo!"
    "Shebi it's my life, leave it like that."

    She was tapping her right foot on the floor, her left hand was on her waist. She would smile, shake her head and turn her lips downwards, In that order. That was my cue to go. I knew Ebun, she would have slapped me if I stayed. Queen gave me a wink when I came out of the bathroom, I smiled back. I got dressed quickly.

    Zara was sipping something in a red cup, We all knew it was nothing pure. I walked over to her and took the cup, she looked at me with wide eyes.

    "See you girls later" I said and left the house with the cup. Leaving them staring at my back.

    Zara lived on the top floor of her lodge, I came down the stairs sipping from the cup. I didn't like the smell of whatever was in that cup, but I liked the taste and the way it burnt my throat all the way to my tummy.

    I was too busy with the magical liquid, to notice the person coming up the stairs and we collided. Now I had whiskey all over my face and my top.
    "I am so sorry" He said.
    "It's ok" I hadn't looked up. I was trying to wipe it off my top before it became too transparent. I shouldn't have worn chiffon. Then I remembered that I didn't care, a thought crossed my mind and I looked up and saw that that I had his eyes just where I wanted them. I took a step closer, he looked surprised but he didn't move. "Brave boy". I thought.
    So I took another step closer, studying him at the same time. He was almost perfect, except he was light skinned. I liked dark skinned boys. His lips were perfect and pink. He had small eyes, the type that'll disappear if he smiled, giving him an Asian look. He was tall and built, and the grey tshirt he wore made no effort to hide his beautiful body.

    I had to stand on my toes to get to his ears and I did something that shocked me. I whispered in the most Sexy way. "There's no need to be sorry, why don't you buy me another one at the glamour club by 8?" I let my cheek brush his, and my lips almost brush his as I withdrew. He smiled. He looked too excited.

    "Sure. I'm Kevin, what's your name?"
    "Bimbo, see you at 8." He stepped aside for me to pass. I knew he was still looking as I walked to the gate, so I made it worth his while.

    I had stopped by the bank and went to a boutique before I went home. Now, I was trying on one of the dresses I had bought. It was red, my favourite colour. A very simple dress is was, it had some pads in it like a bra and was shaped like one too. It's flair stopped somewhere around my thick thighs. I wore a pair of sneakers instead of heels to spice up the look.

    Poor Mary Ann, she kept asking if I was ok. I told her to get dressed n stop wasting time. She did.

    We got to the club by 8:30. I let my hair down and flipped it at every chance I got. We walked to their usual table. Queen looked ecstatic, she literally ran to meet me. " Babe" she sized me up" you dey vex o".
    "Dey there na" I said using my eyes to look for my date.
    "What are you looking for?" she started looking around too.
    "That" I said beaming. I walked past her to my date. I turned to look at her, the look on her face was priceless.

    "Hello" I said
    "I thought you'd never show."
    "Girls take time to look good"
    "And that you do. You look edible"
    The old Bimbo would have been annoyed by that statement. Ok I was slightly annoyed but I shoved it aside.

    I looked over at my friends table. Their faces were hilarious. I couldn't help but laugh.
    "What's funny?" confused kelvin asked.
    "Come" I said and walked towards the girls' table. He followed.
    "Girls, Meet Kevin my date. Kevin meet Mary Ann"
    She waved
    He nodded "Hello"

    "Meet Queen"
    She walked over smiling like an idiot and shook him. "It's nice to meet you Kevin" she bit her lip.
    Kevin laughed "it's nice to meet you too"

    "My guy! Chop knuckle. You're the first boy this girl has agreed to come here with..." I shot a stare at her
    "What na, biko don't look at me like that" she said
    "I must be lucky then. Because she asked me here."
    Treasure forgot herself. "Ore mi! Bad guy. You now have liver. Hey! Oya drink what you want it's on me."
    Typical Treasure. He seemed to like her.

    "This is Ebun." I smiled at her hoping she would smile back. She didn't. Something in me sank.
    She smiled at Kevin though. "Ebun and light skinned guys" I muttered, rolling my eyes.

    "Where is Zara?" I asked
    "Here" she said I turned around to look at her. She wasn't looking at me though she was glaring at Kevin
    "Hi Kev"
    He looked uncomfortable

    This is the Kev? Zara told us about her neighbour who was notorious for being a player. They were friends but I'm guessing she wasn't happy he was with me.

    "Can I talk to you Bimbo?" she didn't wait for a reply before she dragged me to a corner. All the girls followed, leaving Kevin standing there alone.

    "Bimbo, That boy is no good. He'll use you and dump you. He's my friend but I don't want you to get hurt"
    "Oh he's like that?"

    I smiled at Kevin. And blew him a kiss. He caught it...
    My girls were chattering, I wasn't paying attention.

    "That's what he did to me" Zara said
    "Even better"
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    Strange thing is happening .
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    I love d way u mould d characters... Nothing is more impressive than having a writer this good right within our reach.... Kudos ma'am! Afritalks is way cool than other forums I had been to especially the literature section
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    Supported! Afritalks is cool but the admin should try and give us more audience.
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    If d forum continues this way, you sure would have more than enough audience than u actually needed plus d admin is doing a great job too...
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    Episode five

    "What do you mean, even better?" Zara asked. The expression on her face and the faces of my other friends was so funny to me. I knew, their states of confusion at this point knew no bounds. For a second, I thought of going back to the old Bimbo, the one who used to worry about them. Scratch that! I worried about them for too long, the tables had turned.

    "You should pay me for what I'm about to do for you Zara" I said with a mischievous grin splattered across my face. I don't think I'll ever see Zara that confused again, any of them in fact. They waited for me to explain.

    "I'll get your pound of flesh for you and for every girl he has hurt or thought of hurting"

    Queen's face lit up immediately, Treasure's followed slowly, Mary Ann seemed surprised that I had said it, Zara was beginning to flow with the idea. Ebun only fixed her eyes strongly on me then shook her head, sighed and finally spoke.

    "So how do you plan to go about it?" this question lit up my heart. She wasn't mad at me anymore. Yes! I hugged her and said "watch me"

    I sashayed over to where Kevin had been standing.
    "So sorry about that"
    "It's alright" He said and shot one of those killer smiles at me. I dodged it.
    "Let's dance" The words flew out of my mouth before I thought about them.
    "Finally" He said. Another killer smile, I put up my shield.

    I grabbed one of the cups that had been on the girls' table and gulped the content. It burnt my throat, that was what I needed. That must have been Zara or Queen's cup.

    Kevin held my hand and led me to the dance floor. I liked the song that was on but I wasn't sure I could move to it.

    I tried what I could do and caught a glimpse of disappointment on Kevin's face. Suddenly, I felt confidence enveloping me. Little by little,I started to move closer and bend lower, I owe it to that
    Lil Kesh's Efejoku came on and I went wild. I didn't think I'd ever be one of those girls who had guys drooling and the one she was dancing with, sweating.

    Here I was, grinding on and confusing the poor thing. Where these moves came from, I know not. I must have been in favour with the dance goddess.
    Soon, other guys at the club came close trying to get me to dance with them. Kevin became protective and I repaid him with more moves till I felt something poke my butt. I laughed.

    Just as I was reaching the height of my mischief, I noticed two familiar figures not too far away. It was David and the plump girl. Poor Kevin, I increased my vigour as they approached never taking my eyes off David. I saw something in his eyes when he saw me; shock, fury, jealousy and something else I couldn't place. I bit my lower lip and winked at him, then I gave him a smile that said I was grateful he did what he had earlier. He walked to a table, kept staring my way and I indulged him.

    My legs were hurting, so I led Kevin and his calming protrusion to a table. He left to use the bathroom and David literally ran over to the table. I ordered a drink and went through my phone while I waited, totally ignoring him.
    "Bimbo what are you doing?"
    I didn't reply, my drink arrived so I sipped it and placed it on the table.
    "Bimbo I'm talking to you"
    Still no reply.
    "Baby, I was looking for you" an almost squeaky voice said. The chubby girl.
    "Hi. Betty is it?" I asked
    She looked at me, obviously not recognising me.
    David looked at me like he wanted to get my next step out of my brain. I ignored him still.
    "Becky" she said with a little attitude. "Who are you?"
    "That's not important" I said looking down at my phone. Telling Treasure who was watching, what was going on and assuring her she didn't need to come over and remove David from the table. I had it covered.
    "What's important is that you don't let your dog roam freely, by probably putting him on a leash." I told Becky still not raising my head I used my thumb to point at David beside me.
    "Excuse me?" she was raising her voice
    "Shhhh" I put my forefinger over my lips. " You're not a dog too now are you?"
    David was too shocked to say anything. He just kept staring at me.
    Becky tapped his shoulder " won't you say something?"
    "Well, are you taking him out of here or what?" I relaxed into my seat and looked her straight in the eye.
    "David! You came with me yet you still came to woo her? Now I'm being insulted and you're not saying anything?" silence. "I'm out of here" she stomped her heavy feet as she left. I felt sorry for the floor.
    "Bimbo I do.."
    "Oh hey you" I cut him short. Kevin had come back. " What took you so long? I could have been stolen you know?"

    " I'm sorry dear" Kevin looked over at David, gave me the 'who's he look' and I gave him 'the I don't know look' Then he took my hand and said "Come, let me buy you a better drink." I rose to my feet, looked at David and waved.

    Kevin and I walked to another table. "You want to tell me who that was?" He asked. "It's not important" I said "Tonight, it's about you and I and no one else".
    He smiled. Just then a slow song came on and he asked me to dance. My feet were Killing me but I agreed. We were quiet for a while when he asked "What did Zara say to you?"
    "Isn't today supposed to be just about us?" I shot back
    "I know it is but I'm really curious"
    "Well, she said you're a player and I should be careful with you"
    "Oh. So... you're..."
    "I told her we're just on a date nothing more, nothing serious"
    "Is that how you want it?"
    "Want what Kevin?"
    "Is that how you want us to be?"
    "Kevin, I don't get you. Please explain"
    " I'm saying,don't you want us to be serious?"
    I stopped dancing
    "Whoa! Slow down. I met you today and you're talking about getting serious"
    "Ok forget I asked" He pulled me close and continued to dance, I followed.

    My eyes met with another pair. He was sitting far away so I couldn't really make out his features but he looked familiar. He smiled. I frowned and rolled my eyes. He began to laugh. Huh who was that?

    I'm sorry I haven't been posting much these day. Been quite busy. the next two episodes would be super long I promise. Was I missed?
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  19. jenjut

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    Yes you are missed, the board is not the same without you.
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  20. trammet

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    I was about to start a petition to bring you back. I can't wait for the other long episode.
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