Discovering your potential in life

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    Life is sweet to some people and also bitter to others . It is made up of so many things . New born babies are born everyday with a potential hidden in them . There is no baby born in this world without a potential hidden in them . It is the potential that plays a vital role in their success in life

    Have you discovered your potential in life ? what about your son's own or your daughter own. Or are you the type that believe that which ever way it ends , that you are "ok" with it . That is the language of the poor people . The potential of your child or your own is what is going to stand you out among the crowd. Discovering your potential in life takes both hardwork and delligency . You cannot succeed in what you are not good at . It is what you have strong passion in doing that will establish you in life . Like i usually say , the worst disease you can have in your life is " when you don't know and you don't know that you don't know . You are just wondering about maybe calling yourself "jack of all thread" and doing things that will not benefit you or add value to your life.

    Have you just taken time to ask yourself some of these few questions "What are the things that i do , that gives me joy and hapiness ? or are you doing things because someone asked you to do it . It will not help you. Life is created in such a way that everybody have their own talent . Something they will follow and be successful in life . It gives you greater joy whenever you are doing things that you love doing. Statistics says that most successful people in life are people that do things they are passionate about doing . Are you one of them? if you are not one of them , have you taught about how to input your name in that book.

    To discover you potential , you need to be prayerful always . Prayer they say , is the master key . It controls everything . It is an eye opener and a major key that will direct you to an everlasting happiness in life .

    You should also start doing things that you have strong passion in doing . It is when you discover that thing which you have strong passion in doing , that your success starts to elvolve. So many have failed because they have not discovered their true potential in life .Someone may ask " i have discovered my true potential in life and are working hard to achieve it , yet nothing to show for it " yes is possible but have you forgotten the key tool which is PRAYER. It is a tool that will guide you to an everlasting success.

    We should learn to discover our potential in life and work towards it no matter the trials and temptations involved . Never look back to your failures but focus on the future and believe that the future have something brighter for you...

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