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    By Dr Marzuq Ungogo

    Today is World Rabies Day. Rabies is one of the most lethal animal and human diseases. It destroys, It kills, very fast! But it's 100% preventable, and in counties with good preventive and control measures, it barely exists.

    Majority of human rabies cases are through bite from infected dogs and it can simply be put that if the rabies virus is controlled/defeated in dogs around and if no dog bites anyone, the rabies cases will drop by about 95% in Africa and Asia, where most of the cases are reported.

    It's so simple! Why don't we then take the right steps? Why not?

    - Vaccinate your pet. You surely don't want to lose your pet to rabies. And you neither want people around you in danger. The vaccination is even free in some places. Ask your vet!

    -Vaccinate yourself if your job involves dealing with different dogs.

    -Avoid stray dogs at all costs. There is no point getting friendly with dogs you meet without their owners around. If you see a stray dog and you are suspicious or if it attacks anyone report it to POLICE or nearest veterinary clinic. Tell children too to avoid provoking unknown dogs.

    - Wash sites of dog bites immediately with soap and water. Scrub aggressively. Immediately report to hospital. The attacking dog should be taken to a VET for investigation and action.

    Rabies kills, let's kill it!
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