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    The unfolding riddle, the divine rhythms
    The cluster of hope, the locks and keys
    The lurking efforts, a man’s song
    A man’s choice, a man’s dilemma
    A man’s curiosity, a carousel of time
    A trail of help, a burst of happiness
    The doors of glee, the gaiety of pride
    The trust and lust, the sweats and rise
    The kids and canes, the cry and emptiness
    The affluent and have-nots, the naked and clothed
    The driver and cars, the food and mouth
    The tools and spanners, the shelter and shed
    The gloom and beam, the loads and rings
    The weak and strong, a stance and pence
    A thirst and gob, a match and conflict
    The pursuits and pains, the trials and gains

    Life is hide-and-seek.
    A man’s toil is another’s salt.

    OJO OYEYEMI J. (2016)

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