How to Grow your social Media Audience for better Business Results

Discussion in 'Webmasters' started by OJaderogbin, Jun 15, 2016.

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    I shared this on LinkedIn some weeks ago, it was a reply I sent to a friend who asked me for advice on how to grow her business' audience on Social Media. I organized the points into a proper post you can read and apply.

    Here are my tips for audience nurturing!

    1. Create good content, and post in a regular form! Let it have a pattern. But it all starts with good content. You need to have a content calendar; What am i posting? When do I post what? Big questions to answer first.

    2. Study the best times of the day to reach more people on each channel, use that knowledge to decide when you post.

    3. Listen: Try to find out what interests your current audience, and do more of that

    4. Share with your own personal network! That means you must have many friends or followers in the social space, then share all your content on Gill with your own audience. As for Facebook, apply and join all groups possible that look like they have your target audience as members. On LinkedIn I have over 6thousand connections, and i add like 30 new people daily! they look like people i want to reach; i send them an invite! same applies to Facebook.

    5. Learn: as you begin to identify what works and what doesn't, you should be quick to adapt that knowledge to your plan! You cant be stereotyped in dealing with people, online or offline, same principle!

    6. FINALLY, ITS SOCIAL! The same way I wont walk up to a lady and ask for her phone number just like get the number i will probably spend some time creating a connection, probably making her like me..then the contacts will drop with ease! The same way, you should have a subtle approach to Social Media Marketing. I know you want the sales, but first create goodwill with your audience, share good and valuable content. Things they will love, that will attract people outside to want to be a part! Don't kill good conversations with sales pitches. Someone said and I quote ''marketers ruin everything''.

    NB: You can also buy followers too! its affordable, a Facebook page, brand New with thousands of real Nigerian followers can be arranged. You will brand it for your brand and move on from there. This is advisable if you are just starting out with social. Human beings find it easier to join an already (seemingly) thriving audience, rather than a struggling page with 231 followers.

    Lets see how it goes....
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    Really like the suggestion of having a Content Calendar! Thanks for sharing


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    Buying followers is not as productive as building it afresh.

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