How to Obtain Royalty-free Images for your Blog.

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    Royalty-free images are images that you can use for your blog or websites without having to pay for it.

    If you need to design a website or start your blog, you will be a need to add images to it. Images can be found on the internet but not all of them are free as they belong to the people that created them. To be able to add images to your website, you will need to create your own or buy from stock sites. The good news is that you can also get images for free. Find below ways you can obtain free images for your use.


    This site lays claim to the largest collection of free photographs that can be got on the internet. You can use them for offline projects too if you are not using it for profit


    You can get images and textures in unique categories. These categories include those of food, smoke and tattoo.

    Free Digital Photos

    You can get gorgeous photographs here that are easy-to-download. You can get photographs in categories like gardening, home, celebrations and animals and several other photographs.

    PD Photos

    If you go through the categories and subcategories on the database of this website, you can find images depicting the rural and urban landscapes of America.

    Font Play

    There are up to 10,000 free photos available for people to use. Check under the guests section going to search by your favorite contributor.

    Abstract Influence

    You can search for the stock images you want on Abstract Influence and also discuss about photography with other visitors on the forum of the website.

    Vintage Pixels

    You can share your archived photos with the other users on Vintage Pixels. If you can find images that work for your website or blog, you can download them.

    The NOAA Library

    You can get amazing science and nature shots on the website of The NOAA Library. Also check out the section called "Meet the Photographers", here you can see short bios and descriptions of the photos that are featured.

    At, you can get pictures of anything you are looking for that you were not able to get elsewhere. You can also make a request for whatever you might think of and photographers there will take the pictures for you, and it is absolutely free.

    This website has over 17 million media files online. You can find a lot of quality images there for the use of your website or your blog.

    Morgue File

    There are great images available on this website for users. To know if the image is available for your use, you need to click on the image as some of the images are not available for use.

    Unrestricted Stock

    There are a variety of images to be found here and they are all of good quality. Apart from these, all the images on the website are absolutely free.

    Now that you know about these websites that you can obtain royalty-free images, you can go ahead and put the images you need for your blogs.

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