Kanye West begs Kim to stop plastic surgery so he can forget about his late mum

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    Kanye West, reportedly begged his reality TVstar wife, Kim Kardashian, to stop undergoing plastic surgeries so he can forget his late mum, Donda, who died in the hands of surgeons while undergoing cosmetic surgery.

    This is coming after Kim took to her snapchat handle, to reveal that she went to a plastic surgeon to
    the stretch marks she has been battling with for some time .

    Here's RadarOnline full report;
    "Kim Kardashian, is still in pursuit of plastic perfection ! After the 36-year-old beauty was spotted leaving Epione Beverly Hills, her go-to aesthetic specialist, a source close to the beauty told RadarOnline.com exclusively that her rapper hubby, Kanye West, has begged her to stop before it is too late.
    “Kim has undergone cool sculpting because she said that she needs to look super-hot for New Year’s,” the RadarOnline source said.
    “Kim would totally get liposuction, but Kanye would lose it because he is very against that specific procedure for his wife especially after his mum's own went wrong in 2007”

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