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    Living a fulfilled life is all about doing what you want to do or what you hoped you would do. You fill satisfied and happy with what you are doing or what you have achieved in life. Your accomplishments in life is what gives you hope of a better future . Living your life the way you want it and doing what you hoped to do in life will always make you happy where ever you find yourself .

    A visionless man will always be sad on what he had accomplished in life because he did not set a goal for himself . Doing something that will always make you happy no matter the type of work or job it is will always add value to your life because you have strong passion in what you are doing . You feel relaxed when you focus from something you don't want to do to something that you are eager to do all the time because of the zeal to do it , replacing negative thought about the thing with positive thought which brings hapiness to your life.

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