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    Life is always about trial and temptations . It is sometimes hard to overcome it but it takes patience and endurance to overcome it . So many think that without money , life cannot be peaceful and enjoyable . It is a lie . Life is sweet if you can understand it .You have to discover your purpose in life to make it enjoyable .

    No two individuals were born with the same purpose in life and effective discovery of your purpose in life will enhance it's fulfillment . As people who made significant impact in their generations discovered their purpose for being in this world early in life and worked towards it's fulfillment . The cemetery is said to be the wealthiest place on earth because it is where unfulfilled lives and destinies are buried. You cannot live a fulfilled life on earth without discovering your purpose. It is when you have discovered the purpose of God for your life that you begin to experience breakthrough which will lead to an everlasting happiness in life.

    Holding grudge against someone will always limit your happiness in life unless you forgive the person . Even the bible said that we should love one another . How would you live a peaceful life when you wake up in the morning and the first person you set your eyes is the one you are holding grudge against. You will feel sad and your emotions will change immediately . It is also applicable to those that work in offices where he or she is holding grudge against a co worker.

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