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make millions producing airfresher...

Discussion in 'Business' started by benedict44, Jul 5, 2016.

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    This is yet another lucrative business you can start with small
    capital . You don’t need to stress yourself in this business . Unlike
    in perfume production where some people don’t like spraying perfume or
    they buy once in a week . It is not the same with air freshener ,
    people buy plenty of it in a week . They keep it in all corners of
    their room and even put it in all their rooms . Everybody wants his or
    her room to smell good . No one will like to stay in a room with bad
    odour . Like perfume production . You don’t need a rented shop where
    you can start it . You can still start it from your house . All you
    need is to get the essential ingredients and you are good to go . Air
    freshener production is a business which can generate huge income for
    you . And the good thing about it is that you don’t need too much
    marketing in order to sell your product . What people want is to know
    how your product smells. Is the smell good or not . And another thing
    is that you don’t need to invest a lot in packaging your product . All
    you need is to get a good company which will rebrand your product and
    give it a good design . Now , talking on the materials . What are the things you need in
    order to produce a sweet smelly air freshener .

    WATER : It is one of the essential tools . It is the base ingredient .

    ALCOHOL : It is another ingredient you need . But in this one , your
    alcohol will be methanol . DONT use ethanol due to its volatility .
    ESSENTIAL OIL : that is , the perfume .It should be the perfume . It
    is the key fragrance .
    GLYCERINE : It is what will retain the smell . You must be careful of
    the quantity of glycerine you add when producing your perfume so as
    not to spoil the whole thing .
    COLOR : It is to your taste . In air freshener production , it is good
    to put colour in it as people love buying coloured air freshener . And
    when putting your colour , put a sharp colour that is attractive .
    PARK-R : It is also to your taste . The quantity you put depends on
    your taste .
    MENTHOL CRYSTAL : You measure it when putting it . It can be 1 table
    spoon or above . It depends on the size and quality you are producing
    . INDUSTRIAL CAMPHOR : Just like menthol crystal , you measure it too.
    PRESERVER : Like the name sound . It will preserve the air freshener
    for longer time .

    NOTE :The quantity of these materials you add , depends on the size
    you are producing or the quantity.

    Now , what are the procedures you need in order to produce this air freshener .
    You need to follow these procedures carefully if you want to
    produce a decent air freshener .
    1...Dissolve the Park- R with water for 24hours .


    2..Also dissolve essential oil with methanol .
    3..Then you add the dissolved park-R in the water and stir thoroughly.
    4..After stirring , add your glycerine .
    5. ..Then add the dissolved essential oil (perfume

    6..Add menthol crystal .
    7....Add industrial camphor .
    8..Add preserver .
    9..You can also add your colour .
    10.. The next thing is to filter off the un-dissolved park R so as not
    to block the nozzle of your spray . You can also add more water if the
    product is thicker than normal . On the procedure I listed above , water is 5 litres , Alcohol is
    10ml , essential oil is 1 short or rub depending on the one you are
    using . Glycerine is 20ml , colour is to your taste likewise parker R.
    Menthol crystal is 1 table spoon , industrial camphor is 1 table spoon
    while preserver is half table spoon.
    Those measurement is for the procedure listed above , you can
    choose your own measurement depending on the size you are producing .
    All you need is to multiply it to your size . Example : if your water
    is 10 litres , you know that glycerine will be 40ml . You also double
    others .

    Now another thing is how to get these materials .
    You can get these materials in the market at an affordable price .
    And when you finish producing , try and taste it before selling it .
    Like I said before , packaging is one of the essential tools in
    business . Package your product very well . Give the body a very good
    design . Then market your product very well .

    Air freshener is something that an average Nigerian uses daily and when you produce a good and affordable air freshener , people will patronise your product . Put a very nice colour to your air fresher and make it look good in the eye .

    Now the next thing you need to know is the safety measures you have to take while producing . Be careful on how you handle alcohol as it is highly inflammable and can catch fire . You can wear apron while producing to avoid any stain on your cloths .

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