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    Moments in moments, you crave for the unimaginable,
    With waving poignancy and revelling despair,
    You relish in your lofty thoughts,
    With vibrant anticipations and sinister thrust,
    You ride between castles built in the loneliness of your mind,
    You lose the touch of gratitude,
    You wonder in bitterness, thinking all is lost,
    You gaze and fiddle in hopelessness,
    Leaving your gaping mouth in bareness of your worries,
    You peer at the affluence of the deriding dudes,
    Doling your energies in futile desires,
    You grit, whining, all is wrong, you wonder why,
    Like thorns in the flesh, you stare in nothingness,
    The emptiness of your moments drift in despondency,
    Pains and pains, the fluids drench ceasing,
    With pins and needles, your legs wag and wiggle,
    You’re heading, heading to quit it all.

    Wait a while, think a little,
    It’s never too late, it’s always dawn,
    Look at the gleams and glimmers of hope,
    Hope arrives when all seems to have gone,
    Hope, hope and nothing else at the end of the tunnel,
    Never doubt, never wander,
    Look up at the beautiful clouds,
    Therein you find the silver and bright linings,
    In the murkiness of life, lie lilies of opportunities,
    The opportunities to make the difference,
    Wait a while, look at the silver linings.

    OJO OYEYEMI J. (2017)


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