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    Where do you stand every time,
    Thinking about yourself,
    Or thinking about someone else?
    Your image reflects in a mirror,
    Which you have created for yourself.
    Mornings without number,
    Times without measure,
    You draw out your thoughts,
    Shaping them in someone you so desire.
    You put on a garment that flutters in your curious desires,
    With secret obsession and fragments of emotion.
    You watch yourself dance to a song that feeds your desires.
    With warmth and happiness,
    You look into the mirror,
    Watching yourself in pride.
    Your feelings boil languidly,
    Turning the images tailored in your heart.
    Like a beauty queen,
    You glance in lonely sensation,
    Waving at unseen reactions.
    Life is in stages,
    Stages and strangeness,
    In ignorance with comfort,
    And pleasures without measure.
    The beautiful images keep unfolding,
    Running without restrains.
    Like intimate practice,
    With worrying urge,
    Like uncontrolled temper,
    Like untamed pride,
    Like a shadow falling behind your back.
    How do you see,
    When you remove the mirror before your gaze?

    OJO OYEYEMI J. ( 2017)


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