Prayer or Hardwork?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Oluomoadebayo, Jan 10, 2017.

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    "I could not resist talking about this, early today. The number of registered churches in Nigeria is 23,216 according to the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria. Note that these churches have branches. There may be over 2,000,000 documented church branches in Nigeria. Add to this, all the Mosques and undocumented religious houses all over Nigeria, we may be talking of 5,000,000. It calls for concern. Our major business in Nigeria presently is religion or faith marketing. Yet this business is tax free and enjoy free entry. Juxtapose this with the production base in Nigeria, you will see why we are a poor nation with all forms of recession. Last year there are just slightly about 1000 manufacturing companies still hanging out there in Nigeria. Many of them are even threatening closure. Some of the old factory premises have been converted to churches and Mosques. It is sad. These companies who produce what we eat and use in this country pay tax and go through harrowing experience to do business. They cannot afford the limousines, luxury homes and private planes these faith leaders use, yet they are the ones that pay tax which we use to build roads that these faith preachers travel. We have got many things wrong in this country. Faith without work and expecting miracles is definitely a mirage. Time to have a personal relationship with God and focus on productive work. I am a Christian and a believer but I find it difficult to accept what is going on. The starting point is to bring all churches, mosques and religious houses to the tax bracket, tax religious organizations as we tax our companies. Give them tax deductions/benefits where they spend on charity as applied to businesses Nigeria.

    According to one of my Wards whom I am proud to have mentored "Nigeria would have been such a great country to live in if the passion with which churches are created is the same way enterprises are established and industries developed by individuals. With this, meaningful and gainful employment would have become a thing of the past.
    In a sharp departure from what I was thought in my home when I was growing up, I suddenly realized that nobody talks about industry and hard work anymore in Nigeria but miracle.

    It is so painful that the teachings of hard work, honesty and industry have been replaced with the teachings of prosperity via a divine means in my dear country.

    Professor Alan Rugman, of blessed memory, thought me at Henley Business School that key factors of economic growth in any country are the presence of viable industries and strong competition within the industries.

    We must all imbibe the spirit of hard work, industry, patriotism and honesty for us to grow as a nation"

    That is the view of one of the 24 young and promising Business Managers that I mentor. It is a food for thought as we start the new year."

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