Recovering Deleted Photos From Your SD Card

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    For some, photos tell it all about who they are and memories of whom they have been. They are reminders of past lives and moments like when you were celebrating your tenth birthday, teen years or pics of some vacation you spent with your family in Hawaii or some other place. However, the worst that can happen is to save your photos in an SD card to later find that you or someone else has deleted them by mistake or otherwise. The photos might also not be available because the memory card is corrupted or because of some other technical card issues. This can be not only annoying but frustrating too. The good news is that you can recover the lost photos if you have access to a reliable photo recovery program. The important thing you need to remain calm.However, this might be hard for most people but it can be very helpful. Many people tend to freak out and start trying all manner of things to recover the lost photos which mostly causes damage to the memory card or even the camera.

    The first thing you need to do is remove the sd card from the camera. If you have another camera, you can insert the card to see if it works with it. This might help if the problem lies with the camera’s card reader and not the sd card. If this doesn’t work, the next best diagnoses will be to insert the card to the camera or card reader and connect to your computer. Try to open the card to see if there any photo files available in the card. If the files are recoverable at this point, you can say hula! But if the opposite is true, don’t try to format the card! The last resort in a bid to recover photos from sd card is to install a file recovery software in your computer.

    There are so many file recovery programs online and you can download one of them to the computer. Then connect the card reader with the sd card to the computer and run the program to recover photos from sd card.

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