Run To You.

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    Illness makes people old. I think mortality rate these days is fifty sef. Lost my dad to a heart attack at fifty nine.
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    I'm so sorry about your dad.
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    It's okay, we've moved past it. Incidentally today makes an exact year we did his wake and tomorrow burial. God has given us the strength to move on from it.
    Thanks much.
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    You want the story in that direction?
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    ‘Sir, the Johansson’s answered us.’ Justin’s head suddenly popped from the door. After Miss Coleman left without saying anything, Andrew found it boring without his overly confident and ill-mannered assistant.

    He had to admit that he missed bickering with her. And having his cousin, Justin, play the assistant role made him want to hit him in the head as well.

    ‘And?’ his brows rose.

    ‘They said, they are open for a meeting by next week.’

    ‘Then go get it scheduled. We needed that account by hook or by crook.’ Andrew stood up, crossing his arms on his chest.

    ‘And oh, cousin, this came in with the mail.’ Justin tossed a piece of envelope on his desk then left.

    It was the resignation letter of Miss Coleman. She finally quit. Andrew chuckled. He knew it would end that way. The woman was not up for the challenge of the job she got herself into.

    ‘It was scheduled on Monday at 1PM, next week.’ Justin came bringing himself a cup of coffee. He sat on the couch at the corner, crossing his legs.

    ‘Where is Margaret by the way?’ he mumbled. Andrew could see his cousin’s face looking grim. He raised the paper from the envelope he just tore open.

    ‘Resignation letter.’

    ‘She resigned?’ Justin coughed spilling his coffee on the floor.

    ‘Yeah, finally.’ Andrew chuckled in victory.

    ‘And you are happy at that? That means I’m going to be stuck being your assistant for I don’t know until when.’ His cousin protested, wiping off the coffee from his pants

    ‘You can start looking for someone competent enough for the position.’ Andrew eyed him.

    ‘So, do you have her number?’ Justin’s brows wiggled excitedly.

    ‘Oh, shut up.’

    Justin laughed seeing the irritation in his cousin’s face before leaving his office to get the janitor clean his mess.

    ‘What are you doing here?’ Andrew’s voice roared across the four corners of his bedroom. It was five in the morning. He was wide awake when he heard the familiar tapping of heels on the floor. He forgot to claim back the keys his old assistant used to have.

    ‘Good morning, Drew.’ Margaret greeted her ex-boss. She carried with her was the coffee she used to deliver him. He was shirtless, just like the first time she had went in his place.

    ‘Do not call me that. Give me back the keys to my house and take your leave.’ He gave her that usual scowl. It was then Margaret realized she had missed the idiot standing right infront of her.

    They stood in silence for a moment. Andrew studied his ex-assistant’s face. As if it was the first time he had seen her. Her chocolate brown eyes looked up to him with such intent. Her petite figure looked fragile. Her smooth mocha skin that looked pretty great with her black curly hair. She was wearing a black body hugging dress that rest across the middle of her legs. The hourglass-like body she had made him stiffen. Andrew’s gaze landed on her plunging neckline, exposing her proud full breasts. He had never known his secretary was that beautiful.

    ‘Y-You have a.-‘ Margaret opened her mouth to speak but she was cut off, feeling the strong arms on her almost bare back.

    Skin against skin, Andrew circled his arms around her. Feeling the heat of her back and before he realized, he was crossing the distance between their faces.

    Margaret moved her lips but not a word came out. She froze the moment their lips met. In his embrace, a fire was set alight for the both of them that was the furthest thing from gentle.

    All it took was a simple tilt of the head to end the kiss and yet no one made the move. His lips were soft and his kiss was slow, which was the last thing she had expected his kiss to feel like. His hand travelled upward which cradled her face in one hand and pulled her body closer with the other.

    It took a while for Margaret to respond. But when she did, he replied with the same tenderness.

    The sudden knock on the door caused to pull away from each other but neither hurried to look away. They stared at each other in shock over what transpired and Margaret noticed that Andrew’s eyes have darkened. His eyes were glued to her lips and it seemed like as if both of them were in a trance. She hoped and prayed that he couldn’t hear the loud pounding off her heart against her ribcage.

    ‘I hope I am not interrupting anything.’ Justin spoke, clearing his throat.

    Andrew’s rose as he took a series of deep breaths. He licked his lips, wanting to remember the taste of his ex-assistant.

    ‘Not at all.’ He said in plain tone.

    ‘Coffee is on the table. Here are the keys.’ Margaret spoke, taking back her composure.

    ‘Did she tell you that the meeting with Johansson Industries was moved at 9:45AM?’ Justin eyed his cousin who was sweating madly.

    ‘No.’ Margaret answered.

    ‘Well, now you know. I gotta run.’ Justin chuckled. ‘It’s good to see you again, sweetheart.’ He kissed Margaret’s hand which made Andrew clench his teeth.

    ‘It’s good to see you, too.’ She replied sweetly.

    ‘Now, I want some time alone with myself. Get off of my property!’ He spoke angrily. Margaret rolled her eyes turning on her heels. Andrew will forever be the coldest human being on earth. She walked with her hair bouncing on her shoulders and hips swaying, like of those models in a runway.
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    Love will always find its way.
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    ‘What are you doing here?’ Andrew angrily asked the moment he saw the figure of his thoughts. His ex-assistant rolled her eyes, realizing that his statement became the most usual line coming out from his mouth.

    ‘It’s 9:45AM. I see you’ve fixed your timeliness.’ Margaret raised her brows. She settled her belongings on the seat next to hers, removing the black coat that covered her corporate attire.

    ‘I have a meeting to deal with. Now, I do not have time to deal with your immaturity.’ Andrew took a glimpse of her. She was not wearing the same dress she had when she barged in to his house earlier that day.

    ‘Look, who’s being childish.’ She chuckled, taking her seat right across of him. They were in the boardroom of Gil’s building. Margaret pulled out a brown folder pushing it to Andrew’s direction.

    ‘What is that?’ He gave her a scowl. His eyes travelled to her plump lips which he had sampled that morning.

    ‘I am here for Johansson’s Industries, you idiot.’ She was starting to feel furious seeing that his ex-boss was as cold as ice after sharing a kiss with her. It was just one kiss, but it flared up something inside her.

    ‘You must be from a very prominent family for being able to get in to big company like this one.’ Andrew narrowed his eyes on her.

    She gave him a smirk. Margaret was looking forward to seeing his reaction when he learns who she really was. As if on cue, they heard a knocking on the door.

    ‘Miss Johansson, you came very early. I am very sorry Madam for being late.’ Her assistant, Kiara, walked inside the spacious room with her attaché case.

    Margaret gave her assistant a light nod in reply. The woman then bowed her head and took her seat beside her boss.

    ‘So, shall we start?’ She cleared her throat, studying the expression on Andrew’s face.

    ‘I see you’ve married one old man, who passed away two months ago. I must have miscalculated your abilities.’ He huffed. There was a glint of disbelief in his eyes.

    ‘Excuse me?’

    ‘Two months ago, you were a mere assistant in this building. The nest thing I know, you are an heir to a giant company as Johansson’s.’ He whistled, his every word insulting every vein she had.

    ‘I am the rightful heir of this company. I am Margaret Johansson, the only daughter of the late Michael Johansson.’ She gritted her teeth in anger. God knows how much he wanted to strangle his precious neck. ‘Now, this is a business meeting. A businessman’s attitude is a must in this. You don’t want to lose this account, don’t you?’ She raised her brows.

    Andrew’s face looked stern. He was gritting his teeth. It seemed like his insults have backfired at him. His ex-secretary was an heiress. Had he known, it explained the way she have always carried herself – the classy streak with her words and arrogance that goes around with her. And lastly, the confidence she had shown him, letting her brat side handle his rudeness towards her.

    Over the time Margaret was speaking, Andrew’s thoughts have wandered around. And questions have gone afloat in his head. She looked beautiful with her black hair brushed up. But he had preferred her looking chic with the dresses she used to wear when she was still his assistant.

    ‘Can I get your number?’ he murmured, unknowingly.

    ‘Pardon?’ Margaret paused from explaining the pros and cons of the project if they can push through the deal. Andrew looked like he was spacing out with the grimace in his face intact.

    ‘Kiara, you can go back to the hotel. I will discuss this further with Mr. Gil who seems to be traveling somewhere.’ Margaret said exasperatedly. She knew that he has been staring at her the whole time. And she was trying to brush it off. They were facing each other as business partners.

    Kiara nodded, retrieving the papers on the table. After a moment, they were left alone in the boardroom.

    She studied him for a while, feeling pissed by the way he was acting. Margaret planted her hands in her hips, standing up. ‘Andrew.’ She called.

    His muscles tightened, jaw gnawing, and teeth clenched. ‘Why did you work for this company?’ he voiced out his predicament.

    ‘That is none of your business.’

    ‘Were you spying?’ He knew it was a pointless accusation.

    ‘Why would I?’ Margaret sucked her breath.

    ‘How would I know? You’re rich. I must commend that you were so capable of your job here. You are smart but ill-mannered.’ Andrew stated. And beautiful, he wanted to add.

    ‘Are those compliments?’ Margaret cannot help but chuckle. ‘Then I must have been wrong to think that you are one evil human being who doesn’t know how to appreciate people who are helping you run this company.’ She smirked.

    ‘Look, I don’t care about how you see me. I think I have the right to know the reason why you used a false name.’ Andrew looked mad. As if he was going to eat her up alive if she uttered on wrong word.

    ‘Fine.’ She answered after a deep sigh. ‘I ran away from home. I tried to live independently but my father got me banned using all his connections. In the end, I was not able to get any job.’ She chuckled, remembering her rebellious stage.

    He looked dissatisfied. ‘Run away? Stripping yourself from your father’s influence and name.’ He had to admit, she was one courageous woman for doing that.

    ‘My father wanted me to marry his partner’s son.’ She state, which apparently made him tighten his knuckles at the thought of her marrying someone.

    ‘A runaway bride, I see.’ She saw his expression soften but his hands turned to fist.

    ‘I guess, so’ She chuckled at his comment.

    ‘I’m sorry about your father.’ He spoke. That was the first time she heard him in a normal tone. He looked as if he was sharing her burden as well. She gave him a nod in reply.

    ‘I know how it feels, you know. My mom.’ Margaret saw a side of Andrew she had never seen during her stay as his assistant for six months. Satan’s spawn has his soft side, as well.

    The both of them stayed there for a moment, sharing the comfort of silence.
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    Great story. Just wondering what Margaret's life outside work was like. No girlfriend, no boyfriend either. She sure was one sad girl.
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    I'm patiently waiting for what happens next in her life.
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    ‘Margaret is marrying Blumberg Construction Company in three months,’ Andrew heard Justin spew the words out of the blue. It was a weekend and they were at the gym in his house, watching the droplets of water from the window pane.

    ‘Really?’ he asked casually, feeling a sudden punch in his chest. The woman who has haunted his dreams for the last couple of weeks was going to get married, soon.

    ‘It’s all over the news, dear cousin.’ Justin raised an eyebrow. Andrew’s face was blank when he replied with a light nod, setting the weights back down to its place

    His cousin stopped the running treadmill, getting a towel from the rack. Justin knew Andrew quite well. ‘Aren’t you going to stop her?’

    ‘Stop her from what?’ Andrew’s face screwed up. He stopped in his tracks and faced his cousin. ‘She was my assistant. I am glad that she found her way back to where she belongs.’

    ‘Liar.’ He heard his cousin muttered.

    ‘You like her.’ Justin stated. ‘And I don’t know what’s stopping you in telling her what you feel. Come on, dude. You’re not a highschool boy. Face it. You like her.’

    ‘I don’t like her. There was nothing between us. Stop putting everything in to that kind of insinuation, Justin.’ He stated firmly looking back at his cousin who looked like he was seeing a ghost.

    Justin’s mouth fell wide open. His gaze was pasted on to the direction of the main door. Tilting his head lightly, Andrew saw the subject of their discussion – drenched in rain.

    ‘I’ll borrow one of your cars. I’ll leave the two of you now.’ Justin spoke to break the silence that had lingered into the living room for moments. Without a word, he slipped out of the door after grabbing a key from the bowl that held a couple bunch of it.

    Justin slammed the door shut before Margaret could recover. She removed her dripping wet trench coat and handed it over to the house owner. He looked at the wet clothing. ‘Why are you giving that to me?’

    ‘Because I didn’t know where to put it,’ she answered sarcastically. She knew that exactly why she was feeling hurt. Although Andrew was known as a complete jerk, she did not expect it to be that painful when the words came out from his own mouth.

    ‘What are you doing here?’ he asked in his usual commending voice.

    ‘I’m here to deliver the invitation of my wedding.’ She smiled at him as sweet as she can.

    ‘You ran away from home to get away from that wedding. And now you are personally delivering invitations. Congratulations.’ He spoke enthusiastically for effect, taking the cream-colored piece of linen paper. Their skin brushed and even though Margaret was dripping wet, he had felt the sudden rush of heat inside of him.

    The white dress she was wearing was hugging her body immensely tight, almost exposing her bare breast. She was not wearing bra and her nipples have marked circles in to the clothing. The lower hem of the dress have hugged to tight on her brown legs, taking shape as if it was a pants.

    Andrew looked away feeling the throbbing of his loin. She looked incredibly delectable with her innocent chocolate brown eyes staring back at him.

    ‘Is that sarcasm I heard?’

    ‘No. It was compliment of how courageous you are.’ He laughed dryly.

    ‘Well, thank you.’ She smiled at him as sweetly as she can, extending her arms. ‘I’ll see you at the wedding, Drew.’

    The sound of her voice uttering the nickname only Justin and his mother can call her was endearing. He stared at her hand and before he could think twice, he was pulling his ex-assistant’s body close to him, not minding the wet clothing.

    He moved strategically so that he had her caged against the wall. Her lips voluntarily opened and Andrew didn’t waste nay time in sliding his tongue in. She stroke pulled a moan from Margaret as his hands roamed her wet body. As one hand travelled up her thigh, the other freed her hair from the restraints of the rubber band she had used to tie up.

    Margaret’s hand lay on his chest, gliding further down until they reached the hem of his shirt, where her curious fingers dipped underneath. He went down slightly, lifting her up and sitting her down on the sofa. He stepped in between her legs and she could feel his growing arousal – all heat rushing to her core.

    Andrew groaned when she bit his lip, soothing it with a lick of the tongue after. As frantic as yet passionate kiss deepened, his hands cupped her butt – squeezing it and bringing her closer until their bodies meshed together.

    Her petite hands felt scorched as she touched his chiselled abs. the heat his body radiated matched the one that was coursing her body – rising and making her crave something that only he could give her.

    Andrew sucked her tongue and she let out a sexy moan, sending him crazy. As her fingers crawled further up his body, he slipped into the undergarment she wore under her flimsy dress. Surprised by the action, she slightly dug her fingers into his ribs.

    Breaking the kiss, Andrew hissed in pain.

    His soft lips were still on her neck, warm hands still firmly holding onto her round ass.

    ‘Drew…’ his name fell from her lips so sweetly, making his hardened member jump against her.

    Andrew leaned forward, trying to capture delectable lips in his but she jerked back, finally returning to her senses. He growled at the action, frustrate that she had to pull away. The low groan went straight into her core, adding to the pool that was forming in her panties.

    She called his name again and he inched back, panting. Their chests followed the same rise and fall rhythm as they tried to catch their breaths.

    The flimsy material of her dress hid nothing. He could feel her pebbled nipples through it rubbing against his chest with her heavy breathing.

    He looked like a predator ready to take his prey and Margaret knew that a line had been crossed – again.

    She pulled her hands away from his body and he slid his hands out of her panties. Neither said anything but the loudness of the sexually charged atmosphere was damn near deafening. He stepped back and she scrambled to get herself together. She stood up and could hardly support herself because of how shaky her legs were. She clinched her thighs together when she saw him watching her with hooded eyes, her eyes travelling downwards the visible tent in his pants.

    Margaret composed herself after a few deep sighs. She straightened up the hem of her damp clothing before retrieving her wet trench coat that lied on the floor.

    Without saying a word, she turned on her heels walking past Andrew, who seemed to look like he was betrayed.
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    Ha! This kind of attraction,no be
    here o!
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    D tin dey happen here ooo
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    It's going to happen.
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    ‘Ma’am, Mr. Blumberg called a few minutes ago. He said he wanted to talk to you,’ Kiara’s voice came out from the intercom.

    It has been two months since the announcement of her wedding with the heir of Blumberg’s Construction Company. And for Margaret, there was no need for the two of them to meet. Their wedding was just purely business.

    Jacob Blumberg was indeed an eye candy. He had blonde curly hair, thin prominent nose, grey eyes, and physical attributes that could take away any woman’s breath. As much as she had appreciated him, there was no sort of spark between the two of them.

    ‘Talk about what?’ she raised an eyebrow.

    ‘’He just told me to inform you that he’d be here in a few minutes.’ Kiara answered politely.

    ‘Okay. Send him in immediately once he arrives. You can take a break, after that.’ Margaret rose from her seat and walked across her spacious office which Michael Johansson used to have.

    Walking down the busy streets of Georgia, she hugged herself. Marrying Jacob was his father’s last will if she can’t find a man who would love her for all his life.

    No one’s going to love me, I guess, she thought.

    She remembered every touch of Andrew’s hands, his tender kisses and his warm embrace. Margaret knew what happened between the two of them two months ago was something out of the ordinary. And she was also aware that he was not the type who treats something like that to be special. For Andrew, everything was plain, simple, and unimportant.

    She missed him. His dark hair, brown eyes and the permanent scowl he gives her everytime they would meet. Margaret didn’t know that bickering with him was kind of something she got used to.

    ‘Ma’am, Mr. Blumberg is here,’ Margaret’s thoughts was interrupted from the voice coming out from the intercom.

    She walked around her desk and sat on sofa. Jacob must have something important to say. He’s a kind man but not the type who’d rush flying over to Georgia to speak with her in person.

    She heard the door swung open. The gorgeous blonde in his white long-sleeved shirt and skinny jeans walked in. She gave him a smile and he nodded in reply.

    ‘I didn’t expect I’d be seeing you here today, Jacob.’ She shook hands with him and gestured to take a seat.

    ‘I actually did not expect I’d be coming here, too,’ he chuckled awkwardly. He looked brighter than the last time she met him. And there was a glint of happiness in his eyes that was not present before.

    ‘So?’ she spoke breaking the silence. Jacob fidgeted over the pen on his hand, looking nervous.

    ‘I came here to let you know that.-‘


    He sighed, ‘That it seems like this marriage is not what is best for the both of us.’

    ‘And what made you think that?’ Margaret was shocked, although, at the back of her mind she had been praying that the wedding would be cancelled.

    ‘Look Margaret, I know you are one strong and beautiful woman. Our company is always ready for the merger. There is no need for us to get married.’ Jacob looked really confused on whether he was saying the right things or not.

    Margaret’s face transitioned into frames. ‘You love someone, don’t you?’ there was a knowing smile that cracked away from her lips.

    Jacob paused, opening his mouth for words and he smiled – speechless. ‘I think so. She was amazing. But a little bit rude and she was confident… and God knows how much I wanted her.’ There was a loving look in his face making her feel jealous to whoever that girl was. The woman Jacob loves was lucky enough to have a man standing up for her.

    ‘Oh, gosh! I am happy for you!’ she exclaimed jumping on her feet, giving the blonde man a tight hug. Jacob returned the embrace, feeling thankful at his fiancée’s reaction.

    Walking away from the eighteen-storey building of Johansson Industries, Andrew had never felt shattered as the way when he learned that his mother had stage three colon cancer.

    The last encounter he had with his ex-assistant has stirred his feelings. There was not a day that he would not think about her. He missed the way she would nag at him early in the morning. And bickering with her felt like it was part of his routine.

    He cannot allow her to get married with someone else. As hard as it took him to admit, he didn’t want to lose her. And thinking about her being in another man’s arms was like having a hundred knives stabbing his heart.

    But maybe he was too late.

    Margaret looked happy with his fiancé. And he was just one of the side line characters of the happy ending that was waiting for her.

    His thoughts were interrupted with the ringing of his phone. It was his cousin Justin. ‘So, did you get her?’

    ‘This would be the first I’d be coming home empty-handed from a mission,’ he spoke coolly, trying to restrain the cracking of his voice. Tears have started to make his vision grow blurry.

    ‘Come one, man!’ his cousin blurted in exasperation. ‘Did you have a fight? For God’s sake, Drew, can you be a little softer and honest with what you feel?’

    He chuckled at Justin’s comment, to hide the croaking of his voice – tears streaming his cheek. ‘It’s okay man. Margaret’s happy with her fiancée,’ he answered, ending the call.
    Stay tuned for the last episode on 23/05/2016
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    now I can have my beautiful night rest.......Thanks for the update@jenjut your head get oil

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    more please...
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    ‘I think you need to go after him,’ Margaret heard Jacob spoke.

    ‘After whom?’ she inquired in confusion. There was no one other than the two of them in the room. She had told her assistant to take a break.

    Jacob slightly tilted his head by the glass door. ‘There was a man who passed by. But he left without saying anything when you jumped into my arms.’ His brows rose.

    ‘Really?’ Margaret looked across the glass. But there was no trace of a man.

    ‘Yup. He looked displeased, though.’ Jacob chuckled, having a feeling that it was Margaret’s lover or something.

    ‘I am not expecting anyone today.’ She shrugged, still feeling happy for his supposed to be fiancé.

    Jacob looked at Margaret intently, trying to figure out something he can’t quite point out. ‘Are you sure you were not expecting anyone?’

    She shook her head in Jacob’s scrutiny. He’s a smart man, indeed. ‘No one is coming.’ Margaret concluded, feeling heavy.

    ‘Says who?’ said a voice thundering across the four cornered office. She jumped on her feet, astounded by the familiar voice that had spoken.

    ‘I guess this is my cue.’ Jacob whispered on to her ear, smiling like crazy as he took a glance of Andrew by the door.

    ‘What are you doing here?’ it was Margaret’s turn to speak those words. Her jaws dropped looking at the dark-haired man. Andrew looked as gorgeous as she could remember. God knows how much she had missed looking at his scowling face.

    Jacob gave him a pat on the shoulders, giving him heads up as he walked past the door. There was something between them that looked like they understood each other when she saw Andrew nodding lightly still gazing at her.

    ‘I see you’re doing well,’ the evil human being said, breaking the deadly silence as they stood for a moment looking at each other.

    Margaret shrugged, letting out an awkward chuckle. ‘Of course, why wouldn’t I be well?’ She said with brows raised.

    After heaving a series of deep sighs, making his chest rise, Andrew took quick steps and moved right to the spot in front of her. He smelled too masculine for her nose. In a split second, she found herself being enclosed in a tight embrace from Andrew’s lean muscles.

    Margaret was shocked. The hug was making her unable to breath. ‘You’re going to kill me, Andrew.’ She whispered, trying to pull away from him. ‘Stay put,’ she heard him say in a soft husky voice.

    ‘I thought I was going to lose you,’ his voice cracked. For the first time in forever, Margaret felt like she was going to melt. Hearing those words from the man she had been waiting was something did not expect.

    ‘Pardon?’ she wanted to make that wasn’t just because of her auditory hallucinations.

    Andrew saw the woman trembling in front of him. He knew it would take a lot of words to explain what he wanted to say. Instead of looking for words, he cradled her face with a hand. ‘I am not losing you.’ He spoke, lowering his face down to hers.

    Lost for words, Margaret found her mouth being devoured with intense softness. There was longing and sincerity with the way he moved his lips. She responded with the same intensity. She crossed her hands on his neck, slightly putting her wait on to him.

    Their lips moved in a pace making them breathless. She was growing hot as she brushed a hand on his hair. Andrew stopped. ‘What?’ she blurted annoyed.

    She saw a smirk coming out from Andrew’s gorgeous face, ‘Impatient now, are we?’ he chuckled lightly. He pulled away, walking away to close the door of her office and pulling the blinds down.

    ‘God, you are so irritating,’ she muttered under her breath, walking towards him. She jumped on to his arms, crossing her legs around his body. ‘You have entered the lion’s den.’ She planted a kiss on the tip of his nose. ‘You are not leaving untouched.’ She said, kissing his mouth torridly. She didn’t care about anything. She wanted him – right there.

    ‘It’d be a pleasure to be untouched by you.’ He chuckled mischievously, showing the kind of softness she had only seen once.

    He pulled her body closer to his, squeezing her ass. Margaret pulled away from him. She could feel him growing aroused. Pulling his right hand, she led him to an adjacent room of her office. It was where she would take a nap and shower if she worked overtime and unable to go home.

    ‘Nice.’ Andrew murmured. His eyes were dark making Margaret shudder in excitement. She can’t forget the moment they shared the last time she came by his house.

    Pulling her closer to his body, she was surprised when he skilfully managed to drag her black dress off one of her shoulders and latched onto the bare flesh with his hot mouth. Breaking contact for a brief second, she repositioned herself so that she was straddling him, her feet locking around his back.

    Ridding herself of the clothing, she left her body free for his hands to roam.

    It didn’t take long for before Andrew was squeezing and cupping one of her breasts. Not missing a beat, his mouth moved from her collar boned to a pebbled nipple, making Margaret gasp.

    ‘Andrew…’ She moaned, combing her fingers through his hair and tugging on it.

    Hurriedly, she tried to unbuckle his belt so she could get him as soon as possible. As his facial hair scratched her breasts and his hand continued to mould and squeeze her behind, she became impatient.

    ‘For goodness sake! Why won’t the damn thing open?’ She cursed as it refused to come off. Andrew laughed against her skin, quickly unfastening his belt himself.

    ‘Someone’s eager.’ He teased, tilting his head back to see her.

    ‘When you’ve waited as long as I have, you get impatient.’ She frowned.

    As she replied, she unzipped his pants and freed him of the constraints that where his boxers. The smile on her face was that of a little girl who had been given a piece of candy.

    ‘Someone’s missed me.’ She retorted as she watched him grow in her hands whilst stroking him up and down. ‘Believe me when I say that the feeling is mutual.’ Margaret raised herself and placed him at her entrance, moaning when she sat down slightly.
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    ‘Wait. Wait.’ Andrew said suddenly lifting her off his thighs and standing up. She screwed up her face. ‘Are you really making me to wait? Right now?’

    Andrew kicked his shoes off and dragged his boxers and pants off before pulling off his t-shirt.

    ‘Andrew!’ He laughed at her. She joined in too, as he crawled over her body whilst she shuffled backwards. Andrew kissed each and every part of her body before returning her lips, his hands opening her thighs as he placed himself between them.

    When Margaret tried to wrap her arms around his neck, he caught her hands, intertwining them with his and holding them above her head.

    Biting down her lower lip in anticipation, Margaret’s body hummed with excitement and need.

    ‘Margaret?’ Andrew called, rubbing himself against her sensitive skin. She moaned in response, her hips tilting upwards to try and get him to enter her but he continued his actions.

    Slowly sheathing him with her juices and watching her intensely from beneath hooded lashes. He looked seriously bothered as if he was into deep thought. Like he wanted to say something but he couldn’t.

    Margaret opened her mouth to protest but he cut her off by surging her unexpectedly as he said two words: ‘Marry me.’

    Breathless and confused, all Margaret was able to answer was, ‘What?’

    Andrew pulled out excruciatingly slow, still watching her features before slamming into her again.

    ‘Marry me Margaret.’

    Margaret thrashed her head on the bed, begging him to continue but he rocked against her, sending shivers up her spine.

    ‘Andrew.’ She whispered as he kissed her roughly, biting her bottom lip and groaning when seeking her tongue slipped into his mouth. He forgot his task for a few minutes and pounded into her, his painful strokes having her scream out in pleasure.

    There were moments where he knew she wanted to yell at him to stop but then she would break off and moan so loudly that he knew she liked it. All he could tell, she was getting closer and closer to her peak.

    He could feel her walls quivering around him. He came to a halt abruptly, his shaft just inches from her dripping entrance.

    Her eyes ripped open and glared at him. ‘Andrew?!’

    The light sheen of sweat on his forehead was an indication of just how much personal strength it took him to pull out in that moment. ‘I asked you a question.’

    Margaret tried to break his hold on her hands but his grip was tight.

    “Marry me.”

    She gazed into his eyes, trying to see if he was actually being for real or whether he was kidding around.


    “I need an answer.” He said.

    She didn’t have to think. There was nothing else she could say.

    He knew how she felt.

    ‘You know what I’m going to say,’ she replied gently.

    Vincent filled her in with one thrust, cursing how good it felt to have her around him. ‘But I want to hear it.’

    He moved in and out of her, rotating his hips as she tried to match his demanding strokes. ‘Let me hear it. Say it.’ Andrew instructed her as she began to feel her orgasm nearing.

    ‘Yes.’ Margaret whimpered, his thrusts turning powerful.



    ‘Louder my love, I want everyone to hear that you are mine.’ He commanded. ‘Give it to me.’

    That was her undoing.

    Margaret came violently, her walls quivering and her back arching up and off the bed. ‘Yes! Yes, yes, yes – shit!’ She cried, legs locking even tighter around his back.

    Andrew took her lips in a passionate kiss as he claimed her body once more, driving her to another climax before he himself reached his peak.

    He moaned into her mouth as he shot his load, muscles tightening and heart racing.

    He rejoiced knowing that she was also trying to get her breath back, collapsing on top of her.

    Margaret stroked his back with one hand whilst the other played with his hair.

    ‘I’ve missed you.’ She whispered softly into his ears. ‘There was not a day that I did not yearned to see your scowling face.’ She screwed up her face. ‘Did I just say ‘Yes’ to your proposal?’

    Andrew nodded, lifting his head to see her expression that had changed from contentment to irritation. ‘What?’ he asked feeling uneasy.

    ‘I did? Oh, my God.’ She gasped in disbelief.

    ‘And there’s no taking it back, my love.’ Andrew smiled at her gently, slightly caressing her cheek. He kissed her forehead sweetly, making Margaret want to melt under him.

    ‘In one condition,’ she chuckled.

    ‘Anything for you, my princess.’ He looked at her straight in the eyes lovingly.

    ‘You are to stay as sweet as today until the day I’d die.’ She laughed heartily when Andrew’s face turned stern, producing another scowl. ‘And…’ she trailed off.

    ‘And?’ Andrew repeated, feeling a drop of sweat that had fell from his forehead.

    ‘You will love me forever with all your heart, mind and soul.’ It was her turned to kiss him on the forehead, gentle and loving.

    The two of them stared at each other and stayed like that for a moment before Andrew rose up, afraid that he might crush her petite body under his.

    ‘Well, I know that wasn’t a proper proposal.’ He picked up his pants from the floor as he slid a hand on its pockets. He grabbed the velvet ring box and walked back to the side of the bed where she was already grinning.

    ‘You really came prepared, huh?’ she stood up, not bothering to cover her bare body.

    ‘Because I was afraid you just want to marry that Blumberg guy,’ there was hint of jealousy in his voice. ‘Why are you hugging him earlier, by the way?’

    ‘Because he said that, he was inlove with another girl and he wanted to call off our wedding without compromising business arrangements. Of course, I was happy.’ She answered, giving him a mischievous smirk.

    Nodding, Andrew lowered himself down to the floor on to one knee, opening the box. His smiled widened when he heard her gasp and saw her face dropped in amazement. ‘Wait. Wait! I’m a mess.’

    ‘Margaret, shut up and let me propose properly.’

    A naked proposal was not she what she had in mind but to be honest she wasn’t that fussed.

    ‘Margaret Johansson,’ he began, already seeing tears swimming in her eyes. ‘‘I want you to marry me. You are the love of my life. I say that because you are the only person who can still make me believe that things will get better. Knowing that you love me despite how fucked up I am is the greatest thing on Earth.’

    You have your imperfections - you are hard-headed, opinionated and you always make me go mad. But you are caring, honest and you have the most beautiful soul I have ever seen. You are perfect to me and the biggest honor aside from being the mother of my children and loving me is to allow me to be your husband.’

    He pulled out a ring from the blue velvet box. 'Will you marry me?’

    She pulled him close into a tight hug and whispered, 'I love you.’ With tears on her face, 'you’re an idiot but you are my idiot.’

    ‘I’m your idiot forever.’


    That sounded perfect to her ears.

    The End!
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    Lol..."I'm your idiot forever"...crazy tinz we say when in love. Didn't see dis endin anytym soon..but it's not bad at all! Weldone!
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