SHOCKING: Another 11-Year-old Boy Was Set On Fire: See Reason

Discussion in 'Health' started by O.tayo, Nov 28, 2016.

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    An 11-year-old obese boy who
    weighs 23 stone has been set on fire
    in a bizarre bid to lose weight.

    Li Hang is said to be undergoing the
    traditional Chinese medicine
    treatment after his weight increased
    while suffering a rare condition
    from the age of three.
    The treatment includes fire cupping,
    fire therapy – known as ‘huo liao’ –
    and acupuncture.
    Photographs of the treatment show
    the youngster screaming in terror as
    a doctor lights up towels on top of
    his bare bulging tummy.

    It is being carried out on the boy at
    Changchun Kangda Hospita,
    Changchun city, in the northeastern
    Chinese province of Jilin.
    PhotoGrid_1480318650143.jpg PhotoGrid_1480318639972.jpg PhotoGrid_1480318611288.jpg PAY-China-obesity-problem-rising-in-children-1.jpg
    Specialising in slimming treatments,
    Changchun Kangda Hospital
    employs various Chinese medicine
    practices including Baguan (fire
    cupping), fire therapy and
    acupuncture to treat their patients,
    of which seven out of its 53
    overweight patients are children.
    Li, of Harbin city, weighed 6.7 stone
    at age four, the website reported,
    about 2.5 times the weight of other
    children that age.
    He suffers Prader-Willi Syndrome, a
    rare disorder involving obsessive
    eating, learning difficulties and
    growth abnormalities.
    China is set to have the greatest
    number of overweight children aged
    5 to 18 years by 2025.
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    I have a mix feeling here: one,this is entirely ridiculous. Secondly,instead of treating obesity,they should indulge in treating the root cause of it. Thirdly,how on earth will his parents believe such barbaric act of curring obesity by fire whatever when there are natural ways of losing weight. Hilariously speaking,two days without food is enough to give a positive result!!!
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