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Shocking: Pastor Gives Member Dettol To Drink As A Deliverance

Discussion in 'Religion' started by O.tayo, Dec 10, 2016.

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    A South African Pastor Rufus Phala was
    caught on camera given a member of his
    church antiseptic liquid, Dettol, to drink.
    The pastor popularly known as Prophet
    Rufus is the general overseer of AK
    Spiritual Christian Church in Makgodu,
    It was gathered that the member who
    was fed with the disinfectant alongside
    other members of the church were made
    to be that drinking the Dettol will heal
    them from their afflictions.
    Daily Sun, South Africa, reports that
    Prophet Rufus made his members drink
    the anti-bacterial liquid during service
    on Sunday. PhotoGrid_1481349382394.jpg


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