Signs you are a Wannabe

Discussion in 'Celebrities' started by OJaderogbin, Jun 2, 2016.

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    First let me say the word 'wannabe' is not a bad word! Its often misused to insult people. So, i don't really have any long list of qualities of a wannabe.

    It is very simple; If you are aspiring to become something big, and you are not that 'something big' yet. Well, my dear friend, you are a wannabe. The fact that you are not there yet means you lack what it takes to get there - at least for now. You don't have to feel bad about it.

    Like you believe you can sing, and you are yet to blow. Oga if yourr songs are that good, we go don hear am... leave story, you are a wannabe until you blow...Period!

    You want the Gucci and the Prada, but for now all you can afford is a Brada. You know your Hermes bag cost you 2,500Naira at Yaba, don't deceive yourself, no original Hermes bag can cost 2,500 in Naira... Omoge, I see your hustle to look good, in fact you dey try, but you are still a wannabe.

    Your belt is a Versace on the hook, but a Hugo Boss on the leather...don't worry you will get there one day, but for are still a wanna be!

    Its not bad to have aspirations to break rank and attain higher heights than you started in life, as long as you are working towards it, you have a chance of getting there! But please, in case someone calls you a wannabe, if you are a wannabe by the above illustrations, please don't get angry!

    Am sure some people will be ready to shoot me for this. But really, what is wrong with calling someone a wannabe?
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    I see a lot of sense here. At one point or the other all of us had been wannabes, it is almost unavoidable in this hard world.

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