Some Feelings Of Using ExpressVPN

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    ExpressVPN is a world-class VPN provider. Although his price is a little expensive, but by the Chinese people, Russians and the UAE people love. Everything thanks to his excellent performance and a good user experience. Today ExpressVPN has nearly 1,500 servers. This is the vendor I have ever seen with the largest number of VPN servers. ExpressVPN not only provides a reliable VPN network, but also provides a very user-friendly service. Such as 30 days money back guarantee, friends recommend, friendly after-sales service, 3 concurrent connections and so on. These are what I have involved in practical use. However, ExpressVPN also need to improve the problem.

    I am using ExpressVPN in mainland China. We all know that the Chinese government is fighting the efforts of VPN services largely, many VPN service providers have been affected. So does ExpressVPN. I wrote this article in and if you have some trouble about this, you can visit it or email me.

    You can watch video and movies. There will not be the phenomenon of block. I think this is the value for money. Connection speed can only say that the general, faster than other service providers to connect, but did not imagine so good. But if you want to connect to the US and African countries, then you will be disappointed that you are not even connected.

    Speed with Expressvpn server in Paris

    Speed with Expressvpn server in HK

    Speed with Expressvpn server in Taiwan

    Speed test without Expressvpn

    Broadband, speed are unlimited, you can freely download the file, 30 days refund is also said to be done. In case of consultation, customer service can explain in detail, polite answer.

    No IPleak with ExpressVPN while I have connected HongKong server

    No DNSleak with ExpressVPN while I have connected HongKong server

    Once the connection to the ExpressVPN server, there has been no connection to the situation. However, when used on Android, sometimes due to switch WiFi, will lead to disruption of the connection. And the automatic connection is not easy to connect, most of the situation is my own manual connection. When used on a PC, sometimes it is disconnected and re-connected to a problem that shows that it is connected, but can not access the restricted website. Such as Google and Facebook, need to restart the computer, re-open the ExpressVPN client, then it can be re-connected. Although this situation only appeared about five times, but this experience is too bad. I do not know if other countries will be the same. I do not know if the Macbook will be the case.

    Showing NO VPN with ExpressVPN

    However, I use the process are generally fixed use of the server in Hong Kong, because the other server Ping value is higher, the connection is slower. So when the purchase of VPN services, the number of servers, the distribution of the region should be selected according to need. If you are a love travel, often travel, often go abroad, then more of the server must be your best choice. But if you are a stable life of people, then the choice of VPN, it is necessary to carefully check whether he provided the server area is closer to you.

    Encryption of Expressvpn

    When I use ExpressVPN, I suddenly found that my kugou inside the song can not play, the reason is due to VPN services. So I checked my IP, DNS and IP leak, DNS leak situation, found no leakage. Then I did the data capture package test, do not see any clear text.

    No data can be seen with ExpressVPN

    Data can be seen without ExpressVPN

    In short, ExpressVPN is indeed a good VPN service, I used the VPN service inside the overall performance of the best. Whether it is work, life, or entertainment, can meet my requirements. If the economic conditions permit, strongly recommend ExpressVPN. If you need more targeted VPN services, you can visit google.
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