Spirituality without God?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by OJaderogbin, Jun 22, 2016.

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    Are you spiritual?
    Of course yes, because you believe in God right?

    Well, when you hear a Pornstar say she is 'spiritual' you might be perplexed until you discover this new funny definition of Spirituality. It is gradually growing popularity these days especially in America. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with God.

    A Newsweek poll of Americans in April of last year found that...30 percent said they were "spiritual but not religious." That means, no church, no mosque, or any form of religion or God...but they are still spiritual.

    Well this is what they mean;

    Being spiritual means I am very 'in tune' with my self and the world around me...in a constant state of meditation. I speak the truths of my heart and soul. The modern rendition of spirituality requires no sacrifice and no effort to master oneself. No effort to conform to 'norms'...just go with the flow...I feel like kissing the woman down the road...I walk up to her and Kiss her...that's what the inner me wanted to do...I feel drawn to a direction, I just move... Sounds like profanity to me though, but they call it Spirituality.

    They say we are all connected in some way by an invisible, energetic force. This force can be tapped into when we raise conscious awareness of ourselves and others. It is created and enhanced by the energy of everybody around us and raising our consciousness can make this force and energy flow quicker, so if the energy from the woman next door draws you to under her skirt...off you go.

    So to be spiritual, go learn Yoga, and some mad dance to no tune...dancing to the tune of the 'universe'....
    Spend your entire day Daydreaming...in the name of connecting with your higher consciousness !
    Take 15 minutes per day to connect with yourself, by meditating or masturbating, doing this will change your brainwaves and put you into a different state of mind and has lasting effects throughout the day.

    All that is called 'spirituality'. Perhaps the Devil giving people a cheap alternative to the real thing....you be the judge

    So I ask again, Are you Spiritual?
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    Present day religion. The definition of many things as we grew up understanding, are beginning to change. The days are evil, and the daily reports seen in the media, shows that things are getting worse. May God continue to help us all.

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