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The Dangers of Cyber Dating

Discussion in 'Romance' started by Onuoha Favour, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. Onuoha Favour

    Onuoha Favour Member

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    So I came back from school earlier today totally exhausted from the exam hassles. My quest for tranquility was cut short by shouts coming from the lodge's security house. Somehow, I found myself there and saw my lodge mates standing around and chattering. Some were leaving the scene; obviously, I missed the drama. On inquiry, I gathered that a man I'll prefer to call Bobo has been locked up there since last night for allegedly duping a female lodge mate who I'll call Barbie. I saw Barbie with a group of girls and being a close pal, I dragged her to a corner and asked her to tell me what happened.

    According to Barbie, she met Bobo on Facebook; we don't know who sent who a friend request. They got chatting and soon, Bobo was dropping the 'I like you', 'I think I'm falling for you' lines. Seeing that he is seemingly well to do from his pictures, she gave him the green lights and they fired on. It was in their subsequent chats that he told her that he based in UAE; that his business takes him all around the world. Seeing that she was blown away by his Yankee swag, he dropped the bombshell. He said that he wants to marry her, that she had all the qualities he desired in a wife.

    She accepted his proposal, they met FOR THE FIRST TIME and carried things on from there. That was when he took her to a 'prophet' to verify that they were meant for each other. After the prophet got a positive response from his 'deity' on the matter, he further gave Barbie a bottle of Olive oil to be applying on her forehead twice daily. His reasons were that he wanted her Fiancé's success (and success includes obodo oyibo travels o) to infect her life. She readily accepted the offer; wedding bells were already going off in her head and she must avoid anything that will jeopardize her getting married to Yankee Bobo. After three days of religiously applying the oil, the prophet called her. He said that they had to secure her Visa and flight ticket in the spiritual realm for it to manifest in the physical. All these while, they've been calling her everyday to ensure she doesn't skip applying the oil. He told her that if will cost Seventy thousand Naira and she sheepishly sent the said amount to a designated account.
    Then she went home for weekend and forgot to take the bottle of Olive oil with her. The spell cleared from her eyes on Saturday evening.

    Realizing that she has been duped, she took things calmly to avoid any suspicion. She came back to school that evening and called Bobo, telling him to meet her at her lodge. He told her they couldn't meet up because of his numerous business appointments that weekend. On Tuesday, the prophet called again requesting Twenty thousand Naira for I-don't-know-what.
    Barbie told him that her phone was stolen and her ATM card expired the previous day. He kept pestering her throughout the week to withdraw over the counter. She simply told him to ask Bobo to come get the money as she doesn't want the money to get into the wrong hands. That was when Bobo agreed to come; obviously, he'd been avoiding her.

    He told her that he would come on Saturday but showed up on Sunday. She'd alerted and intimated her friends and the security men in the lodge beforehand. So, he was apprehended on arrival, tortured and made to refund her money by means of ATM withdrawal.
    Justice served, or so I thought. When I asked her why they were still holding him hostage, I was maddened by her response. At first, she tried to go in circles around the issue but when she saw that I was not buying any of it, she opened up. He has her nude pictures which she had sent him in the course of their relationship and his bedevilled team were using it as leverage to have him released with the money too.

    I was sad and at the same time disappointed at the mess this lady got herself into.
    Hasn't she heard of the dangers of cyber love?
    How can someone you've never even met physically declare his intention to marry you and you readily fall for it?

    Is she that desperate to get married or is it because of the Yankee thingy?
    What if he smelt something fishy and actually came to 'silence' her that Sunday?
    What if she wasn't wise enough to alert people?
    What if the guy was a ritualist and dismembered her on their very first date?
    What if...? What if...? What if...?
    These were the questions running through my head this morning and I thanked God that she is alive and well.

    Dear ladies, most of the men roaming the streets of Zuckerville professing love to every female they meet are fake. They have nothing worthwhile to offer you. Some of them are capable of snapping your neck without batting an eyelid.
    The dangers of cyber love is far greater than the advantages. If you must date online, be wise.

    For the ladies that keep falling for the Yankee shit, continue. You want a ready made man, that's why you disregard that young man that doesn't have much but is willing to offer it all up for you and treat him like filth. You mustn't stoop so low, appear cheap and desperate to get a man.

    Not every lady will be lucky enough to have a ready made man. If you're in the group outside the box, stand by your man and help him become ready made. The reasonable men never forget who was there for them when they had nothing.
    Ladies please wise up.
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    SUNKANMI New Member

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    I hope dey learn
  3. Gertn

    Gertn Active Member

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    Nothing is wrong with internet dating , but caution must be taken to avoid serious disappointed. She is very lucky to have recovered her money back.
  4. nertn

    nertn Active Member

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    I was a victim of something similar but I thank God for the experience.
  5. Nuel Dominics

    Nuel Dominics New Member

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    I hope she learns from that ugly situation.
  6. Oluomoadebayo

    Oluomoadebayo Moderator Staff Member

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    This is a terrible situation.

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