The Deadly Disease Called Gastric Ulcer

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    Of course there are several diseases in this world, majority of these diseases are detrimental to people’s health. Some diseases can cause slightly illness to humans body, malaria, headache, and catarrh are part of them, whereas some diseases are very chronic and harmful to humans health, they can send the victim of such disease to early grave if not given adequate and proper care as at when due. Gastric ulcer is one these deadly diseases that is terminating the life of many Nigerians untimely.

    However, this article aims at discussing extensively about Gastric ulcer as one the deadly diseases that is killing millions of Nigerians.

    Ulcer is simply known as an internal or external sore or a bruise that occurs in human’s body. Ulcer is said to be a gastric one if found in the lining of the stomach, when the stomach lining is seriously infected thus, causing painful sores to the stomach of the bearer.

    On the other hand is another type of ulcer that is known as the duodenum ulcer and this type is the one that is form in the upper part of the small intestine. Either gastric or duodenum ulcer, both are destructive and unfavorable to human’s health.

    The fact is that gastric ulcer is not a product of a singular factor. The decrease in the stomach’s mucus lining that leads to an ulcer is usually caused by several factors. An infection caused by an organism called bacterium Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) can lead to gastric ulcer, accumulation of excess acid in human’s stomach resulting from stress, smoke or a rare disease called Zollinger-Ellison syndrome can also lead to gastric ulcer. Another contributing factor to this deadly disease called ulcer is the over-use of the painkiller drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen.

    Do you know there are number of symptoms that are associated with gastric ulcer but people don’t often take them serious, the earlier you recognized and treat them the better it is for your health, before the disease could deteriorated and result into a deadly one.

    The most common symptom of gastric ulcer is the burning or pain in the area between your chest and belly and the pain will be mostly felt when your stomach is empty, it ranges from a few minutes to several hours. Gastric ulcer can lead to: severe pains in the stomach, weight loss, nauseating, vomiting, bloating etc.

    Nonetheless, Gastric ulcer can be prevented and can be treated as well. Prevention is better than cure, it is very simple to prevent and guard yourself against this disease, avoid heavy consumption of alcohol, caffeine and very acidic foods, as they could give you ulcer, stay away from smoking of tobacco and cigarette and avoid stressful task to guard yourself from ulcer.

    If you are already suffering from gastric ulcer, put your mind at rest and take into consideration of some methods I will prescribe for you. Just as you can prevent it, it is also curable. For slight ulcer cases, the best natural remedy to cure your ulcer is by consuming Flavonoids, flavonoids are compound that occur naturally in many fruits and vegetables. Such foods that are rich in flavonoids include soya beans, legumes, red grapes, apples, berries, teas etc.

    Surgical treatment is often used to correct complicated ulcer cases, these cases occur when the ulcer bleeds, tears the stomach small intestine or keep food from flowing into the small intestine and they could be correct by tying off a bleeding artery, taking tissue from one part of the intestine and sewing it over the ulcer portion and cutting of nerve supply to the stomach to reduce the production of stomach acid.

    Note: Ulcer patient should stay away from fried and hot foods

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