THE LONG GOODBYE: Veterans Part Ways with Their Partner Dogs

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    After working together for years, it was only obvious for the men at the Hefei Fire Service in east China's Anhui Province to develop a close relation with their canine companions.

    So when Chen Qi and Cao Zhou, the first batch of the fire department’s search and rescue dog trainers, were ending their service and driving away, it was difficult for their canine friends to let them go.

    The two dogs, Tian Lang and Xiao Ai, tried to jump into the van in a bid to stop their trainers from leaving.

    Chen and Cao had spent several months with the dogs, working together in search and rescue operations.

    The photos, which were shared on the Chinese social media, have captivated many netizens.

    “Dogs only want to be with their owners at all times,” said @ZEROLingbai on Weibo.

    “They [the dogs] are also warriors,” commented @Zhang_XiAozhao.

    (Photos: Hefei Fire Service Online; Sina)

    Source: CCTV





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