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    As i sat down on the cemented chair in the love garden , the breeze was blowing and everywhere was quite . I began to imagine the predicaments , that the youths go through in the society just to make a living. I began to imagine how the world would look like without men and women . I asked myself " can the world survive without the youth? . You know the answer.
    Over the years , the youths have been subjected to various kinds of hardship , trials and temptations. Unemployment is now a natural thing in the society . There is no job for the thousands of youths that graduate in a year talk of the SSCE holders and still , someone still says that we are the leaders of tomorrow which will not come. And i ask " Are we trully the leaders of tomorrow". Every single day in the life of a youth adds problem to the youth. Life have become unbearable for some youths that so many have turned into armed robbers , kidnappers and yahoo boys.
    What can we do to eradicate this problem once and for all. Will we fold our hands and watch the society rule us at the expence of our God given destiny . The answer is "NO". It is high time we stand out boldly and liberate ourselves. Youths should learn to apply the principle of self development . They should look beyond the future and plan their lifes .
    People should learn to acquire skills that will enhance their chances of getting employed.

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