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    As a fresh graduate that just finished his NYSC , with his degree, the next thing in your mind is looking for a way to secure a better job and live a comfortable life . But you will find out that the job is not forth coming and you see frustration setting in.

    Securing a job in this harsh economy is always difficult , it is like a dream that everybody is eager for its manifestation. So many graduates are in their different houses doing nothing while many are in the street roaming about looking for a job, while some have resolved to trading as a means of survival. Even the little job that are left are not reaching some people due to poor networking . Some of the graduates don't even know when some companies are recruiting due to poor networking . While some don't even know when some companies are calling for graduates to submit their CV for recruitment while some apply late due to poor networking . You see some people getting job in three different organizations and they will choose anyone they like while some are waiting for their dream job to locate them.

    In our country today , you will discover that plenty people don't know how and where to search for a job . They rely on people to secure a job for them which will not come.

    Below are some means of job search as a fresh graduate or someone that are looking for a way to secure a job:

    INTERNET : Information is power and it has the power to change our lives . It can increase the quality of human experience, create new environments to realize our dreams and help us get beyond problems that trouble our world . The internet is one of the reliable places to search for a job. It gives you access over thousands of companies website where you can submit your CV and application letter. The internet will provide you a huge opportunities to read some companies profile and know how to apply to them. It will also provide you opportunities to interact with staffs of various companies.

    NATIONAL DAILIES : Like i said before "information is power " if you are not informed, you are deformed. Reading newspapers and magazines will help you to know when companies are recruiting for various positions. Majority of companies place their recruitment adverts on national dailies. And even some government agencies also do so. It is always advisable to read newspapers and magazines always so as to know the latest companies that are recruiting for various positions.

    MEDIA : It is another means of job search, it can be through television or radio or social media. Some companies prefer placing their recruitment adverts on television and radio where millions of people will know about it. Likewise some government agencies like placing their adverts on radios and television. It is good that you listen to radios and television most especially people that are looking for a way to secure a job in some government agencies. Likewise social media, some companies place their job adverts on some top social media networks like linkedin and other social media websites .

    NOTICE BOARD : Some people secure a job through notice board . They apply on jobs they see on notice board. Some companies with few vacant positions or universities will prefer placing their job adverts on notice board than placing it in the internet or other places. Reading notice board will also help you in securing a good job.

    CO-JOB SEEKER : In fact, this is one of the easiest ways of landing a better job. It is a proven way which had helped many in getting a better job and live a happy life. It is always advisable to have a good networking with a co-job seeker which will improve your chances of getting a good job. Being in touch with a co-job seeker will help you to know when some companies are recruiting for various positions. Your fellow job seeker may be the first to know when a particular organization is recruiting and he or she will relay the information to you.

    Another thing is prayer , always pray and put everything in the hand of God , because with God all things are possible. Have a positive mindset and be determined to move further in order to secure that your dream job. Don't loose hope, be focused and remember that quitters don't win and success will be yours.

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