Tribute to a Falling K9 Hero

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Oluomoadebayo, Dec 7, 2016.

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    Rest easy, MWD Donna. Run free and catch all the KONGs that you can handle. Honor. Remember. Respect.

    "Yesterday I said goodbye to my best friend. We spent 4 years together and did 2 deployments to Iraq together back in the day. She got me through the nights of missing my family...kept the Marines we worked with and I safe on patrol after patrol. She searched every vehicle I asked her to and she did it without hesitation.

    When the Marines we deployed with were stressed, sad or having a bad day, I always let them play with her because she had a way in brightening people's spirits. We spent three years apart and then last year I finally got to adopt her, bring her home and give her the life she earned. A little over 2 weeks ago we found out she had cancer and we were crushed. Little tasks that she did every day became harder and harder as each day passed. In 2 weeks we saw a night and day difference in my mama.

    She never stopped having fun though, on the outside she was still the same goofy Donna but watching her move around I knew she was tired. Yesterday I made the hardest decision of my life and put her to rest so she wouldn't be in any more pain. She had an amazing day filled with love, pancakes, eggs, bacon, In N Out and a chocolate milkshake.

    Everyone that met her loved her and she loved them. She was a special soul and the best partner I ever could've asked for. I only hope that she loved retiring with us as much as we loved having her."

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