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Unposed Poses

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Gertn, Jun 27, 2016.

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    When you take family photos, it’s important to get some shots that look more natural than typical poses. These are often referred to as “unposed poses.” They are often more playful although they can be serious too - such as getting ready for a wedding or other important ceremony. However, they aren’t stiff poses and they are often taken in the midst of action.

    Here's how to get great, natural-looking photographs.

    * Think of Why – When you look at the big picture of the photoshoot, considering the why is important. What is the reason for the picture and what is the feeling you want people viewing the image to feel? When you can assign some adjectives to the shoot, you’ll be able to bring those feelings out better.

    * Consider the Event – What is the feeling of the event? Is it a fun occasion or a somber one? Is it serious but some humor is appropriate (like a wedding)? Think about the overall meaning of the event and how you want the world to see it 100 years from now.

    * Put Personality into Each Shot - Let people be themselves because that will bring out their personality in each shot. Tell the subjects the emotions you’d like to get from the shot, and see what they do. Give them a few tips but ask them to be natural. Props like a skateboard, a book, glasses and so forth can help the personality come out even more.

    * Photo the Steps Involved – Every event has steps, whether it’s a graduation, a wedding, or an engagement photo. Everyone has to get ready, so you can take photos of the bride having her makeup done, or the senior curling her hair, or the groom putting on his tie. These are all natural poses that look great.

    * Think about the Subject – When you look at the subject you’re taking the shoot of, what are some things you can add to bring out their inner character? If the subject is children, why not take some shots of them blowing bubbles or making chalk drawings on the sidewalk?

    * Be Humorous – Laughter can bring in some of the best shots that don’t look posed at all. Do something to make the subjects laugh, and when you capture that moment of pure joy it will be better than any posed shot could ever dream of being.

    * Tell a Secret – A really great unposed pose is the “secret.” It works with a bride and groom, with newly engaged, and with siblings. Anytime there is a couple, a secret can look like a perfectly unposed natural shot.

    * The Pile-Up – If you’re doing a family shoot with young kids, a pile-up is always a good way to go. The parents lie on the ground, the kids jump on top and look at the camera while they’re laughing. It looks natural and is fun.

    Using these ideas to make your natural photographs look wonderful and free will go far in helping you capture the feelings you're after.

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