What does it really take to plan a wedding in Nigeria?

Discussion in 'Romance' started by Osas Jacob, Jan 9, 2018.

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    I came across a Facebook post recently where a man posted a "vacancy" for the post of his wife. A woman replied and one week later, he posted pictures of his wedding. Anybody who has lived considerably long in Nigeria will see through this publicity stunt immediately. We are a culture that thrive on a lot of emphasis on ceremonies including burials, child dedications, etc.

    For that wedding to take place successfully, especially for an Igbo man, there will be the introduction where the families meet, the buying of products as bride price, the sending out of invitation cards to several members of both families, buying of clothing materials for various groups and family members, renting of event halls for the reception, buying of rings and wedding dresses for the couple, and several other things.

    The amount spent on a wedding in Nigeria for all the ethnic groups is so much that must men get themselves in a fix trying to get married. I may not know all the processes for wedding ceremonies in most cultures but I am sure that is too expensive and rigorous to be organized in just a week. Thoughts?
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    I planned mine in few days because my wife and I decided not to go for the elaborate type of wedding. It was low key but every member of the family was satisfied by the quality of the mini entertainment.
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    I seriously think in line with you.... I was skeptical when I read about the whole story. something like "Hey babe, I'm about to post the advertisement o, don't be late to comment"

    @Oluomoadebayo, you planned the wedding in few days, not just getting to know someone in few days and proceed to wedding....

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